The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


14. The fight

Raphael's POV

 I did not freaking dare l listen to them. They could see there is no tongue so they screamed "put tongue or else we are never going to move on the next lesson. "Then, I finally put tongue and she did. There was NO spark or whatsoever. I closed my eyes and just think this was just a dream. Then my gut started to feel weird and decided to look at the window and when I did, I saw my heart stop when I saw Grace crying and looking directly to my soul. Oh my gosh! She said that we can try to be more than friends and now, she saw us. Me with her best friend. She ran and I stormed of the cabin. She was running but I was faster. 

"Hey, are you crying?"


"I'm not stupid. Why are you crying?" 

"You really want to know?!?!?! Ha?! You want?! I risked my nights to spend time with you! I started asking myself if I was going to let my heart open to someone but I did!! Then now, you broke my heart and seeing you with my BESTFRIEND! broke my heart and shattered it even more. If that was what your going to do to me then, I think you did a -" I placed my lips against hers before she can say more.

She was shocked but kissed back then she pulled away. Their was a lot of sparks. But she slapped me. "how dare you freaking heck do that!?!?!?! I'm hurt already. Can't believe your so freaking good in using girls" she ran. But stopped and said  

"And by the way, any kind of relationship we have means nothing ANYMORE!!!!! Pretending is best for you!!!!! Dont you dare even talk to me!!!!! She ran and threw the ring I gave her. Everything she said, hurt me so much! And that ring, adds even more pain. Then my dad appeared, "son, everything going to be okay." "Dad, what did I do wrong? I never wanted to hurt her. "only you know that. Go back to that cabin and tell them you will get going. Go home." "Thanks dad. I do hope your right."   

Madie's POV

Oh my gosh!!!!! Just saw what happened. My heart broke as I saw how Grace was hurt by this. See. This is getting worse. She was crying her heart out and screaming at him. For the first time, I actually felt bad for him. I knew sacrificed time for her and now this is happening. Then he entered, trying not to cry and said "Sorry for what happened. Um, we can continue. " Knowing that peeta and katniss saw, they both said "No. Continue maybe next week". Yes! I said in my mind. "I'm going to go now then. ", Raphael said. Then he went and I also said my goodbyes and catch up to him.We walked in silence. I told him to stop and we sat where we stopped. I could see he was hurt. Very much.  

“Hey. Don't cry.” I said  

“Why?! She hates me now. My life is useless.” Raphael said 

“Don’t say that! She likes you, okay! Talk to her.” I said 

“She said I should not. At least, I could follow her.” He said  

“Don't follow her. Are you a stalker? Please don't hurt yourself. She might not be mad next time. Give her time.” I said 

“No I’m not a stalker, if she wasn't, why did she throw the ring I gave her?!  I did not know what to say. That might have been the thing that hurt the most. I'm sorry. But I have to go. Thanks by the way.” He said “Anytime. Just don't Lose hope. I'm going to find a way. Bye.” I said 

And there, he went away. I planned to stay here. No training at least today. I need to have some peace.

Grace's POV   

I needed to talk to someone. I planned to talk to my mom. I went to our secret place and called her.  “Honey, are you alright? I saw what happened dear.” Mom said  “No. I feel that my heart is shattered in to millions. I don’t know why.” I replied  I think it's because you like him. Maybe it something called love?” she said “But I told myself I don’t want to. It's very confusing.” I said “ Love is really difficult. You don't really understand it. Take time to ease it. Try being with someone.” Mom said  “Thanks mom. I might follow you. Maybe. Love you.”  “ Anytime. Honey, don't pick anyone else but him. Hear him out. He likes you so much. If he wasn't. Then why is crying so much then.”  Then she disappeared. I wanted To cry and cry and cry and cry until I can't anymore. Then I remembered what I said, 'pretend'.  I have done that. With everything we did. When we talk, I pretend my feelings. I started crying and decided to go back.

Raphael's POV   

I was going back when I hit someone. I was so pissed , angry and sad that my emotion overwhelmed me and I literally screamed at the person. 

"Get the heck out of my way, man!!!" I made my way not caring for the person when the person I still did not know screamed. 

"At least Have some respect!!!!! You have no right." It was Grace. 

"I'm so sorry!" 

"You know what! Forget the heck out of it! Go ahead and don't care about people's feelings!! Hook up with every one of this girls! Okay!? I don't care!!"

But then I slapped her. She fell and cried. 

"Did you just hit me?"

I tried to tend the bruise but she slapped me. 

"I'm so sorry grace." 

"No!!!!!!! Don't you ask forgiveness. Fine! Slap me more!! C'mon! Why won't you do it?!" 

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. 

"Is that sick joke?! Oh please tell me this is just a joke! Is that what Hermes kids usually do joke around" I was about to say when she slapped and slapped me. I was about to when Madie came. 

Madie's POV  

I heard screaming outside my window and saw it Grace and Raphael fighting. Oh shoot! This might get out of hand. I approached Raphael. "stop. And leave already! Please!" I took her and we were walking towards her cabin. I might as well stay there. She was crying at my shoulder and keeps on saying she was hurt.

"He hit me. He hit me. Madie, he hit me."

I was shocked and angry. Hurt me, fine whatever. But put a finger on my best friend, you made a mistake. We stopped walking and stopped. We sat and we had a talk. I tended her bruise on her cheek. It was hard. I will kill that boy with my bare hands if that's the last thing I do! "it's okay. Please stop crying. " I don't understand. Why would he hit me?" She was traumatized with that. I pulled her in a hug while she cried. With went to her cabin and I tended her until she slept. She was crying to sleep. She was like my sister and it hurts to see her like that. I fell asleep beside her. I can't stop thinking why he would do that. Gosh. I hate him more. 

Raphael 's POV  

I am going to kill. Myself. I slapped Grace and that was wrong. Ah!! I hate myself. It's hard to be not when your the cause of someone's pain. And in this situation, it's Grace. The girl I'm avoiding so much to hurt but I did. What to do now?! Kill myself maybe. I texted Madie and asked if we can talk.  


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