The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


1. The beginning of the games

Lightning storms, earthquakes, fire everywhere, storms in camp half blood and in mount Olympus. Gods were fighting over something. Camp half blood and the world was affected. Some of the minor gods couldn't think of a solution. But Chiron and Mr. D was trying to think on how to fix the war. The whole camp gathered around the big house carrying umbrellas, raincoats, jackets. While the Aphrodite girls were complaining in how their face was being wet by the rain and that they're clothes were being ruined and wet.

"okay! As you all see the gods are fight-" said Chiron

"we know! They are all fighting" shouted Clarisse

"obvious!" said Cato

"okay me and Mr. D will go to the Capitol and talk to Seneca Crane to ask for help or suggestions" said Chiron

"okay to make sure that you all don't go outside camp I am assigning Clove to guard this camp" said Mr. D

Then all the sudden everybody looked at Clove. " Okay" she said

Chiron and Mr. D rode the golden Chariot with horses and flew away to the skies

"okay all of you back to your cabins" said Clove

All the campers went back to their cabins. I went back to my cabin, the Aphrodite cabin. When I went in all the sudden the girls were fixing their hair, clothes, face. All I did was get my pajamas and change. I didn't mind my hair or even when I was wet. I couldn't sleep because all the sounds of the lightning, waves, rain. Moments later I head the some of the girls talking about the storms, some are even talking about possible solutions about the war. I fell asleep. I dreamt of Chiron and Mr. D at the Capitol talking with Seneca Crane. 

"so found any solution?" asked Chiron

"yes but can cause death" said Seneca Crane

"okay" said Mr. D

"in each cabin one girl and boy will go to the games, all will fight until their death" said Seneca Crane

"no weapons" said Mr. D

"There is, their godly parent's power, wands" said Seneca Crane

"no weapons like swords" said Chiron

"there is, it will be in the Cornucopia. The powers of the child will be there. There is also the weapons, broomsticks and wands" said Seneca Crane

"when will the games begin? asked Chiron

"maybe after four days, there will be a tesserae maybe on the second day. The campers need advance training for preparation " he said

"oh yeah sure" said Mr. D

"thank you Seneca Crane" said Chiron

"your welcome" he said

that's where my dream ends. Then suddenly I woke up and I shuddered realizing that I hadn't changed yet.  With the fact that my clothes are wet because of the rain


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