The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


8. Opening ceremony

We rode the chariot with the white horses. Our outfits are as if we were in a ball. The opening music played. The big doors opened I saw the first chariot 

“from the Zeus cabin” said a voice. I can see their chariot shining gold with the figure of skies, lightning bolt. The people from the Zeus cabin wore togas and gold. They were raising both a lightning bolt which looked real. It made a tumultuous thunder sound. The whole crowd cheered.

 “From the Poseidon cabin” they were in sea blue, holding a trident. As they pass I saw Adrian in sea blue outfit with the girl in a sea blue dress. The crowd was throwing roses at them, cheering loudly. 

“From the Hades cabin” said a voice. They were wearing black, skull rings, necklaces. The girl was in a black dress.  As they pass by, they smelled like someone was dead in a funeral. Black smoke appeared at the Hades chariot. The demigods were waving back at the people.  

“From the Hera cabin” they were dressed in togas, holding scepters with diamonds, gold. Their chariot was in gold and diamonds in the figure of a peacock.

“From the Demeter cabin” They were wearing gold like the rice grains and they were holding torches. As they pass I smelled rice fields, the fried grass leaves decaying and sweet scent of lavender flowers.

“From the Athena cabin” I saw my friend, Grace. She was wearing full body armor and an owl on her shoulder, the same with the guy.  

“The hunters of Artemis” the crowd goes wild. Their chariot was in silver, forming the figure of the wild animals playing under the moon. The color of silver is similar to the moon. I looked in admiration at the dress of the girl. It was simple silver until her knees and she was wearing a simple braid. Her bow and arrows were at her back. The boy was also dressed in silver with his bow and arrows. 

“From the Apollo cabin” The chariot was gold as the sun. It was gracefully decorated. It shined so brightly that it almost destroyed my eyes. Apollo kids were dressed in yellow similar to the sun. It shined so brightly. They were holding lyres, with the laurel head wreath on their head. As the chariot would go faster they would shine more like the sun.

“From the Ares cabin” they were wearing full body armor showing their tough look. Around their armor was skin from an animal used like a coat. They were holding spears, swords.

“From the Hephaestus cabin” they were wearing working clothes in bandanas, holding out their forges. They were dressed ordinary but as they moved forward fire was burning from their capes. The crowd cheers. They were waving happily to the people. 

“From the Hermes cabin” I saw that guy, Raphael again. I rolled my eyes. They were dressed in togas. They were in winged caps, sandals and holding a Caduceus.

“From the Aphrodite cabin” Cinna waving his hands. “What is he doing?” I asked. He shrugged “maybe hold hands” he said. The crowd goes wild as we pass by. They were throwing roses to us, cheering. I waved back at the people. A white dove swoop to us carrying a rose. Chadtson tried holding my hand but I let go. “C’mon they’ll go wild” he said softly “fine” I said.  He only cares about that? We hold our hands and held it up. The crowd went a lot louder.

As the chariots gathered as a circle President Snow started speaking.  “Welcome, welcome. Welcome to the games.” He said and introduced his speech. We went to  the training center in the tower. The training center has a tower designed exclusively for the  tributes and their teams. This will be out home now until the actual games begin. I finally reached the floor. I ate dinner with the people. I’m starving.  I ate with them. A girl bought a cake with hot pink icing. “Cinna is such a genius at that dress” said Effie. “Nice one” said Peeta “yah the crowd got wild when you came” said  Katniss. I gave them a smile. “Remove the dress and give it back to me” said Cinna. I nodded at  him.

After I ate I went to my room and remove my clothes. I changed to a dark green olive nightgown with a black jacket. I gave the dress to Cinna. I heard sounds it wasn’t Chadston. I went to the elevator  going up. When I went up I found it very colorful with flowers like a garden. I saw Grace and Raphael.  This time I try to be careful so I won’t disturb their talk “why are you doing this?” asked Grace, 

“because I want to see you and your-“ he said “stop it” said Grace snapping at Raphael. “You should say sorry to Madie, you’re not replying to her last time at the train and you’re not talking to her. What’s your problem with her?” said Grace. “Is that I don’t like her” said Raphael “I’m not telling you to like her. Why don’t you just be friends” she said. Raphael looked away. I stepped back but stepped on a branch. Raphael looked around and said “oh! The food is very interesting here! I hope no one is spying at us” “shut up” Grace said “someone might be spying” he said. I left them.  
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