The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


15. Long night

I felt something vibrate. It was my phone Raphael sent me a message.

'Meet me at the balcony, now. We need to talk'

I grabbed my jacket and met him at the baclcony. "What now? It's the middle of the night don't you feel sleepy." I said

"Nope" he said 

"Okay. What are we gonna talk about? And why did you only text me just now?" I asked yawning 

"I was thinking" He said.

"Nope. Just tell me what are we gonna talk about?" I said

"About the fight a while ago" he said

"What about it? Can't move on? Wanna say sorry? What? Let me guess about Grace" I asked

"Yah" he said

"Couldn't last a day without Grace" I said

"Yeah" he said

"Just to ask. What was the ring she threw at you?" I asked curiously

"It's a friendship ring. What else would it be?" he said

"I thought ans engagement" I said

"What the heck were just teenagers" he said

"Okay okay" I said

"Anyway where's the ring?" I asked

"I kept it. Ready to give it to Grace if she's gonna forgive me again or to another friend" he said

"Okay. I think you should go down and apologize to her" I said

We both went down and saw Adrian and Grace. Raphael was about to barge in and talk to her. "Hey wait a second" I whispered to him

I went to my room and got my invisibility cloak that professor Dumbledore gave to me.

"Here, we both go here in this invisibility cloak and listen to their talk" I said

He nodded. We listened to the conversation. "I think we should be in a relationship" said Grace

"Okay, we both like each other right?" he replied

"Um, yah" she said. Adrian started to kiss her. But Grace said "No, don't do this. Not now." she said

"Why?" he asked

"Not now. Please" she said

Adrian changed the subject. "But do you still like Raphael?" he asked

"No. Not what he did to me" she said

Raphael got his wand. "Wait are you crazy?" I asked

"You'll get in trouble." I said

"I don't study at Hogwarts" he said

"But what are you gonna do?" I asked

"Confundus charm" he replied

"Are you nuts. What if she finds out" I said

"Fine nevermind" he said. 

"You should go back to your room" I said grabbing the cloak. "Don't pull the cloak yet. She might see me" he said. I went to his room "Can I take of the cloak now" I said "Fine" he said

I left him. And continued to listen to Grace ad Adrian

"We better be go back now. The peacekeeper might be roaming around." said Grace 

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