The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


4. I meet my new mentors

Chadston looked at them. He suddenly stopped eating. "Were your mentors" said the guy "I'm Peeta" the guy said "Katniss, about you?" said Katniss "Madie" I said with a gulp "Chadston" said the other guy. They brought out tapes and went to the television "watch and learn" said Peeta." wait are you gonna teach us how to survive at the games" I asked. "Thats tomorrow" said Katniss as she put the tape in and played it. I saw both of them. Katniss ran to the forest to get water. She would climb on trees and hide that nobody saw her. She met a girl she looks like a 12 year old, with dark brown hair and skin. They both worked together. But a guy's spear went to her she died. But Katniss shot her arrow to the guy's neck. Some tears dripped down as I see the girl die. Katniss went to Peeta and found him. They both went to the cave and healed Peeta. There were kissing scenes. And how I saw the berries it's to sweet. They both won."you both better get some rest for tomorrow". I went in my room. I saw magenta wallpaper, pink cabinet, a fuschia color bed, bright pink telvision, a big hot pink chandelier. They made this room fit for the Aphrodite kids. I heard someone knocked. It was Katniss entering "here" she said handing me the tapes "maybe you'll learn more if you watch others" she said "yah thanks" I said. She went away.

I watched until they fight and survive til their deaths. I watched the mentor of Katniss. He outsmarted a girl which was impressive. He was Haymitch. Should I do that? I stopped watching and lay down. Someone entered in my room it was Effie "let's eat we were waiting for you" she said. I got up and ate I saw Chadston looking very sparkly his sparkly top, high waist pants. He ate as if he hadn't ate for days. I ate food with my manners. I went in my room and slept for a little while. But I woke up because of the noise. I went out from my room it was coming fom the other room. Chadston was playing loud music. I knocked "hey can you lower down the music" I said loudly I waited for few moments but he didn't change the volume of the music to low.

I roam around the train I heard someone walking I looked behind my back it was a peace keeper. I hid near the next room. I saw paintings that were various scenes from the hunger games. I went to the other train. I saw shells, sea blue wallpaper and smells like the sea this is the place where the Poseidon kids stayed. While I was walking I saw Adrian talking to a girl from the Poseidon cabin. Adrian seem not to notice me. What are they talking about? I tried to pass them without them seeing me. I had this weird feeling. Wait were just friends. I was on my way to the other train but I stopped and heard to what Adrian was telling the girl "you go back to your room and get some sleep." he said the girl went back to her room also Adrian went back to his room. I heard footsteps. I ran to the next train. I saw the train there were many books and owl statues this is where the Athena kids stayed. I heard voices "why are you here?" I took a peek it was a peace keeper. I saw as Grace pushed Raphael away. As the peace keeper pass Raphael and Grace stood up. I walked away but stepped on something it was paper. Grace immediately looked at me wide eyed. I try to walk away. "Madie what are you doing here?" asked Grace "excuse me may I talk to Rapahel" I said. 


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