The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


11. Behind the hooded figure

"His back" Grace said   "Yah. Let's go back" I said    We went back. "Girls where did you go?" asked professor Mcgonagall  "Forbidden Forest" I said   "You're not suppose to go there" said professor   "You-know-who is back" Grace said   "You saw him?" asked professor   "Yes" we both said    "His already dead, okay" said professor   "He might've returned" I said   "Okay okay" said professor then she left.    "But professor. It's Malfoy" Grace said. Professor ignored.    I roamed around Hogwarts. I didn't see Draco, Crabbe, Goyle and some people.

"Maybe they have an army." said Grace

"Yah" I said.  Again everyone gathered at the great hall. "We have shocking news!" said professor Mcgonagall   "Kronos is back"    There were gasps. "This can't be" some people say. 

  "Aahhh!"  Everyone looked to see who screamed. Everyone went to the person. Professot Mcgonagall gasped.

"Who could have done it?" she said. There was a note on the wall but painted in red or blood.   

Cronos is back. He will destroy Hogwarts, your beloved home

The people screamed and ran away.

"I told you" I said looking at professor. Professor Mcgonagall looked at the person who was stunned.

It was Adrian.

"Madie bring Adrian to the hospital wing" professor Mcgonagall said.

I nodded at her. I saw madam Pomfrey. I brought him to her. Her eyes widened. "Thank you" I said. I went to Hogsmade to buy something for Adrian. I went Honeydukes. I bought him Acid pops, chocolate frogs, chocolate cauldrons. I was on my way to the hospital wing but the whole crowd was in the geat hall.

"President Snow requested that all of you would stay here longer because of the situation we are in" said Professor. We'll stay here longer! What about the games? I was in the hospital wing. Adrian was awake. "Hey" I said

"You feeling better?" I asked him

"Yah a bit. Since you came in" he said with a smile.

"Really? I could make it better" I said about to kiss him at the cheeks but he moved. I kissed him right at the lips. No! I'm suppose to kiss him at the cheeks, I thought 

"Oh sorry." I said

"It's okay" he said turning red

"Here I bought you these" I said giving him the food.

"Thanks" he replied "so what happen?" I asked him

"This guy with golden eyes and then he attacked me with the stunning spell" he replied.

"It's okay." I said

"So you think Kronos is back?" he asked

"Yah. So we have each others back right?" I told him

"Yah" he said grinning 

 I sat near him. But the door bust out open. A large crowd of people came in. "Oh my gosh are you okay Adrian?" said a voice

"Six people at a time!" said madam Pomfrey  

"Okay I better be going. You have to many guests" I said

He grabbed my arm "Please stay" he said   

"Fine" I said.  Grace came in. "I thought you were dead" said Grace  

"Neh I'm not" he said   More girls came. I can't help it. Am I jealous? Were just friends.

"Bye I really have to go" I said  

"Okay" he said   

"Madie will you come with me" said professor Mcgonagall   I followed professor

"Madie there will be more victims if you don't stop Cronos. Here is the Marauders map just say I am up to no good and you say the person whom you want to see." she said giving me the map   "Take good care of it" she said   "I will" I replied   "I am up to no good" I said with flick of my wand   "Draco Malfoy". I knew where he would be going    "But professor what am I gonna do to kill Malfoy?" I asked   "If you get him we might talk to him" replied professor   "Okay" I said. I went to the great hall. I saw him with his army. "Together we will destroy Hogwarts and thos demigods!" said Kronos. "Yeah!" the whole crowd cheered. 

They went towards the unprepared demigods. "Crucio" "Stupefy"and they went smashing them. "Stop!" Professor Mcgonagall said


"Expelliarmus! How dare you do that to a teacher" said professor

"Students! Arm your wands" said professor

I followed Malfoy. "Imperio!" I said pointing my wand to Malfoy

"Come here jerk" I said

Malfoy obeyed  my orders. "Now follow me. Now follow professor Mcgonagall" I said

I saw professor "Professor!" she looked at me wide eye. 

"Here is Malfoy Cronos is still inside him-" I said

"I know. You have to kill" she said

"Okay" I said. I ran to the hospital wing. Adrian was lying at the bed. "Hi!" I said panting "Did a monster, dementor attacked you?" I asked

"No, why?" he said 

"The castle is being attacked" I said 

He immediately got his wand. "Okay let's go kill some monsters" he said

"Nope,  not when you hurt." I said. He hesitated. 

A black hooded figure appeared sucking something from Adrian. "Expecto Patronum" I said 

The dementor went away. "Are you okay?" I asked

"Yah. It's like it sucked all my happiness" he replied 

"Oh thats what they do. Bye I have to help them" I said "wait" he said

"What?" I asked

"Nothing" he replied 

He quickly grabbed my arm. "Be safe" he said. "I will, don't be worried" I replied. I went out of the hospital wing ready to defeat the monsters, dementors. I saw a large crowd fighting with mosters, dementors.  On my way I saw professor Mcgonagall laying on the floor. I screamed I immediately brought her to the hospital wing. "Madam Pomfrey please" I said

"Okay" she replied

I went out and attacked some monsters. I got my knife ready to kill Kronos. I looked at the map once more but where was he? I saw myself getting closer to him. I threw my knife to him but as I threw it. I saw an arrow hit his back. I looked back it was Katniss who shot the arrow. "We needed to kill him" she said. "Oh yeah" I said. I saw gold dust appeared ontop of the dead body. "He went back to Tatarus. We can't leave Draco here"" I said "Yah let's bring him to the hospital wing." she said. I got a strand of his hair. "Okay bring him. I will just go somewhere" I said leaving her. I went to the war. "Where is our ruler?!" said the giant. "His gone back at Tatarus!" I said. They went mad and crazy. They chase me. "Stupefy" "Expelliarmus" "Crucio" "Reducto!". The other demigods, professors helped me. I went to the Pensieve to see the memory of Draco.


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