The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


2. Another ordinary day

I found everyone gone. I got up and change to my camp half blood shirt and jeans. I went out of my cabin. While I was walking I saw the campers gathered as a group. I hurriedly walked toward the campers but a guy bumped me in my shoulder."hey!" I said "oh I am sorry" he replied "no it's my fault" I said. I walked away  I heard the guy muttered were just friends. I jogged towards the campers but it was crowded. "the gods had agreed, that's why there is peace" Chiron said "so?" asked Fidess "expecting something in return" said Clarisse "yes" said Chiron "you see!" shouted one of the kids from the Ares cabin. "you will have regular training. Two people a boy and girl will be called in each cabin to play in the games." said Chiron. That explains my dream last night.

I went to the armory and arm myself. I heard the horn which means training starts. I went to the archery area with the Apollo kids. I got my bow and arrows. I prepare myself. I got my bow and arrow and focus it into the bulls eye. As I release it someone said "hey!"and punched me in the gut. "Hey! Whats your-" I looked at the person it's Adrian "oh it's you" I said embarassly. Adrian was one my closest friends he has seagreen eyes, black hair. I continued my training.

After few hours I went to the sword fighting arena. I train with Percy all the time. He is the leader of the Poseidon cabin. Before we could duel he gave me some tips. I immediately attacked him without thinking. I slashed him on his forehead but I forgot he was wearing a helm. He trieed to swing his sword but I stopped him with his swod and my sword together he pushed his sword closer to me which made me move backward. I was pinned at the wall leaving his sword and my sword on my chest. I tried to push my sword toward him. He was stronger than me. I sighed, which means I give up. Then he let go " you had improved" he said with a grin

"maybe sword fighting is not my thing" I said sadly

"it's okay" he said patting my back

I thanked him I went picnic lunch with Prim and Adrian. We both ate pastries as the usual. After eating me and Adrian trained for rock climbing. We were racing. I climbed up as fast as I can but my hands were to sweaty. My hand slipped but Adrian got it "thanks" I said he gave me a friendly smile

Whe we reach the tip we went down. For my las training I wet pegasus riding with Glimmers. I went to the stable. I saw Glimmer my pegasus. Her body is white as the snow. I patted her head. "c'mon" I said I hoped on Glimmers and soar high. I could see the Hepahaestus kids at the forge making new weapons, satyrs playing volleyball, climbing at the climbing wall. When the sun is going down the pegasus flew down. I went to the mess hall. I sat at the Aphrodite table. "Aphrodite acept this offering" I muttered then the offering disappeared. I ate a lot since I was tired. I went back the cabin. When I was about the sleep I heard sobbing. It was my sister Prim she has blonde hair, blue eyes. "what if I'm chosen" she said wiping her tears I went to her and comforted her. She was still very young to face death. "it's okay" I said 

I comforted her until she sleeps. She slept so peacefully and quietly. I fixed her blanket. I went back to my bed and slept.

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