Gotta Be You

It's been two years ever since Alaina's cousin Zayn has moved back to England to audition for the X factor. Zayn is now famous and is in a popular boy band called One Direction. When the boys decide to go on break for awhile Zayn decides to go back home to America to visit his family. Will Zayn remember Alaina or will he forget everything they've been through? And when Zayn decides to take her to meet the boys will she fall in love? Read to find out!


3. Old Memories + We're going on break?!

Zayn's POV: I stared down at the screen of my iPhone and began to scroll through my camera roll. I saw lots of pictures of my cousin's and old friends. I saw a picture of this girl and I and she must've been my cousin because we looked alike. Our hair and eyes looked really similar. In the picture we were sitting side by side, hand in hand. My arm around her and we both were smiling. We seemed really happy but I forgot what her name was. Just then Harry came into the room interupting my thoughts.

"Hey mate, whatcha doin?" He asked.

"Nothing. Looking through old pictures of my family." I handed him the phone to look at the picture I had been starring at for the past couple of minutes.

Harry's POV: I walked into Zayn's room. I had some great news to tell him. We were going to be on break for the past few weeks, but this wasn't going to be any regular break. We were going to spend it in America instead this time! We all knew Zayn had family there and we wanted to meet them so we all jumped at the opportunity and we decided to surprise him. As I walk into the room I see Zayn starring at the screen of his phone. He was so occupied that he didn't even notice me walking in. He seemed pretty sad so I finally broke the silence and asked him what he was doing. He said he was looking at old family photo's and he gave me his phone so I could see the picture he was looking at. It was him when he was younger I think and he was sitting next to this girl that liked probably a couple years younger then him. She was beautiful and kinda looked just like him actually, her eyes and her hair. 

"Is she your cousin or something?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah how'd you know?" "Well it's kinda obvious, you both look extremely similar." I chuckled.

"Yeah haha I guess. I miss my family lad and worst, I can't even remember her name." "I'm sure it'll come to you later. Anyway, I have some good news." "What is it then?" He questioned obviously eager to hear the news. "Well..the rest of the lads and I were talking to Simon earlier and he said that we get to go on break again." "So? We do that every month." "No this time we're spending it in America." He face lit up and his frown was replaced with a wide smile within a second. 

Zayn's POV: I can't believe what Harry just said. I mean, we've never spent our break in America. But I knew what this meant, I would get to see my family again and reunite with my cousins! I smiled widely. I couldn't wait so I had to ask "Really?! When are we leaving?" "In a couple of days. We'll be there for a couple weeks and then it's back to the tour." Yes! I was so happy right now I liteally just wanted to hug Harry and jump around like an idiot. 

Harry's POV: When I told Zayn the news I could tell he was really excited and he couldn't wait for the break. But I really wanted to meet that girl, I mean she was beautiful and even though I didn't really know her she seemed like a nice girl. But Zayn had never said anything about her before. So I wonder what she's like..


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