Gotta Be You

It's been two years ever since Alaina's cousin Zayn has moved back to England to audition for the X factor. Zayn is now famous and is in a popular boy band called One Direction. When the boys decide to go on break for awhile Zayn decides to go back home to America to visit his family. Will Zayn remember Alaina or will he forget everything they've been through? And when Zayn decides to take her to meet the boys will she fall in love? Read to find out!


2. I Can't Live Without You...

Present Day:

Alaina's POV: It's been about two years ever since the day Zayn left. I've never really told too many people that Zayn was my cousin cause I knew most of them would freak out and stuff. He didn't make it through the X factor though, but he almost did. He wasn't alone anymore Simon had put him into a band called One Direction and now he's pretty famous AND he's on tour. I wonder if he forgot about me we haven't seen each other in two years and I still couldn't get over the fact that he was gone. I couldn't live without him any longer..

Zayn's POV: I couldn't believe this, two years it all happened so fast. The X factor, meeting the lads, becoming a band. I was definitely living my dream. Ever since I was younger I've always wanted to become a singer but I always used to think that I wasn't good enough. I wonder what pushed me to audition for the X factor.. I mean, being famous was, well okay I guess but I missed home as well. I used to live in America back when I was younger even though my family was from here in England. Then I remember leaving to come here and audition. I don't really remember most of my family there but I did have old photo's on my phone and stuff so I decided to look through all of them which was something I've never actually done before haha. That's when all the memories from when I was young began flowing back...

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