Gotta Be You

It's been two years ever since Alaina's cousin Zayn has moved back to England to audition for the X factor. Zayn is now famous and is in a popular boy band called One Direction. When the boys decide to go on break for awhile Zayn decides to go back home to America to visit his family. Will Zayn remember Alaina or will he forget everything they've been through? And when Zayn decides to take her to meet the boys will she fall in love? Read to find out!


1. "Bye Zayn! Don't forget me..."

Two years ago:

Alaina's POV:  Today was the day that my cousin Zayn was leaving to audition for the X factor. I frowned, I knew I would miss him alot. You see, Zayn was like a big brother to me we were extremely close. We did almost everything together and we got into the most trouble when we were younger. I was the one that begged him to go and audition for the X factor. I've always known that Zayn had this passion for singing, I would always ask him to sing for me and I knew he had talent but he always used to tell me that he wasn't good enough so it was pretty hard getting him to audition for the X factor, but with alot of encouragement he finally agreed and today was the day he was going to England to audition. Zayn's side of the family was from England and my side was from America and that's where we lived. England was our second home. Anyway, I was halfway through getting ready when the doorbell rang. I immediately knew who it was and stopped was I was doing. I answered the door and a huge smile spread across my fave.

"Hey Zayn!" I smiled. "Hey laina." He simply replied flashing his georgous smile which was extremely similar to mine.I smiled to myself. I looked so much like him, our big chocolate brown eyes, own black hair and even the way we smiled was so much alike. His smile turned into a worried look soon agter though. "What's wrong Zayn?" I asked. He thought for a second and scratched the back of his neck.  "What if I'm not good enough Alaina? Then what do I do? You know it's always been a dream of mine to audition and win." "Zayn!" I nearly yelled at him. "Stop being so negative. You'll do great I promise!""You think so?" "Of course I do!" A few seconds later my mom came downstairs and told us to get in the car. We got in and on the way to the airport me and Zayn sat hand and hand. I could tell he was nervous and that he would miss me, we'd both miss each other a lot.vWhen we got to the airport Zayn and I stepped out of the car while a man began to take his luggage. I hugged him and cried into his chest a little. "I'm gonna muss you Zayn." I said in between sniffles. He rubbed my back and buried his head into my neck and replied "I'll miss you too." We soon pulled away and Zayn's face was serious now. "But promise me when I leave you'll make new friends and you won't just sit at hime all the time. Promise?" I thought for a second and then said "Fine. I promise." He smiled once again and we hugged once more. We sorta just stood there for while until Zayn checked the time on his watch. "Shoot I gotta go!" He said whilist pullling away from the hug. "Bye laina! I'll never forget you, I promise." He said as he ran off. A tear fell from my face. "Bye Zayn I love you..." I whispered to myself as I watched him disappeared from sight. when would I see him again?..

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