Nialls Little Champion

Keke Sumi is an normal girl with somersets. She is 17 years old and she loves athletic very much. But happens when she meets One Direction and of them is falling for her? Would she fall for him too? Will her dream come True and win a gold medal from the Olympics or will she fail? Will she meet her Horrible past? I will she get Revenge? Will there be still Love ??


3. The Last week of School~2



Today is Monday Urgh...Math Horrible it is 2 hours long. I got out of bed and looked at my phone 5 in the morning. I went to the bathroom and got into the shower. When I got out I dried  my hair and let it normal fall over my shoulders. I got into some fresh clothes and ran to the kitchen I made some yummy breakfast and ate it. I got up and washed the dishes and cleaned the table you need to know I'm very messy. I got my phone and texted Annie and Lea: "On my away to School :pp!!" Annie text first off course our nerd wakes up at 4:30 in the morning. "Okii Me in 5 mins later Byee" ~Anniie  I got my School bag and my Phone then I went straight down and then to the Bus Stop. Yes I use the Bus well it is nice to drive the Bus but the car is still better. I waited like 3 min and the Bus came I got in , I paid the driver money and got a seat. When I sat there I got my Phone out and my head Phones and started to here WMYB by One direction. I really Loved that song it was just... amazing. Their voices and their looks. Urgh how much I love them. But still like other celebrities like Demi Lovato , Taylor Swift , Justin Bieber, Robbie Williams and Miley Cyrus. I love their Music their just amazing. Compare their voices to mine that would end horrible for me. Suddenly my Phone started to ring. I looked down at it, it was a text from Lea " Heyyo whatz up today Math!!! Did u study ? I did. My mom is going to bring me so I am gonna be early there. " ~ Leea. I giggled at her stupid text I directly text her back " Helloo Off course I study for math. Have a fun ride with ur mom. See Ya." ~ Keekee. I looked out of the window and watched how cars where driving and how the stores are opening. Minutes went and the Bus finally stoped at my School it wasn't that big but still. I got out of the Bus and I started to search for Lea and Annie. "Aha!" I said to myself as I saw them sitting on the bench reading a book. I think it is the math book. I ran to them and jumped on the free Place "Hellooo" I yelled they both looked up and laughed. Soon I joined their laughter, Annie looked at me and said " Hey, do you know that tomorrow is the last dance class of Lea" I looked at Lea shocked about what I heard " But why is it your last dance class???" I asked Lea.She looked at me and said " I'm going to Canada and I will study DANCING " my jaw dropped and I felt like a lost puppy "Its really nice to hear it but your going to Leave us ?" I asked confused "Well...yeah I am but I really want to go there plss don't get mad? And anyways I am living next Month so we can have our Summer only a Month." " Better thean nothing Right Keke?" asked Annie. I nodded. Then I started to jump and screaming " Your going to Canada!! Your Going to Canada!!...." They both laughed and joined the Jumping.  Then the Bell rang and we stopped Jumping we got our bags and said our school-Goodbyes "See ya Later Keke and Annie!" Lea said , me and Annie had the same class now , so we waved to Lea and went to our class.History. The Teacher explained what is going to happen in the exam and so on and on....I was siting next to Annie Lucky right? Well we always talk to each other... over paper. I like it its better than listing to the teacher. So we stop writing each other after half an hour then we started to listing to the teacher that was still talking and giving remarks about everybody who wasn't listing. The session ended and I stood up "What do you have know Annie?" I asked her "Math..Urgh" "Good Luck" I gave her a thumbs up and went to my class that I have right now. English. Great anther subject that not my type. Well I got to class and sit next to one of my boy friends his Name is Taylor. "Hey Tay whats up" I asked him as I sit down " Nothing just the fact that we have The Math Exam today." he answered as he got his notebook out. He hated math since grade 7 and he always got nervous when we had a test in it. "Well its the last one right so don't worry  about it that much Kay?" I said as I watched him open his notebook where he had all his notes for math. "Thanks KI. We will see." he always called me like that I didn't know but it cute. Then the bell rang and the teacher came in " Good morging Kids today you will learn for your exam and tomorrow you will get an A!" he said in his happy mood.We all let a big sigh and got to work. We all wrote an essay 4oo words in 30 min and a paragraph 1oo words in 25 min. Our teacher always prepared us like that since grade 5 and it well it got easier by time. We gave it to him. And he started to talk about the 18oo's our main topic since God knows when. Its so boring. When the Time ended I stood up and packed and said a bye to Taylor . I went to my locker and out my stuff in it when I closed it I saw Lea and Annie smirking at me. I jumped a little in shock but those are my besties. " What the hell" I asked " We have goodie news" Annie said seriously " What are the news??" I asked them confused " Ahhh she doesn't know what a fan are You??!!!" Lea said jumping up and down. I really didn't know what they were talking about. "Tell Me!!!" I yelled started to get nervous they both started to jump "ONE DIRECTION IS GOING TO COME TO US" they both screamd. Then I realazied it. One Direction.Is.Comeig.To.Our.City!!!!!!!! I stardet to jump up and down "AHHH ONE DIRECTION IS COMEING AHHH" I screamed. I could feel people giving me looks but I didn't care. I was fangirling non-stop. We all stopped "So when is the concert ?" I asked " On Saturday at 9 in the morning" "I can not belive we are going to meet One direction" I said in my fake Irish accent. We all laughed. " But wait I can't pay for it...I don't have enough money." they stopped laughing and looked at each other than to me again "What about you grandmothers money?" Annie asked. My grandmother gave me over 1.000 dollars but their only for food and my apartment or something really important nothing else. "I can't i still need to pay my rent and I don't know they gave it for me only because of important stuff and Like concerts." I say looking down I really wanted to go but I couldn't "I will pay for you ok?" I heard Lea say my head snapped up "NOWAY! You can't pay for me!?" "But why not your my best friend?!" "That’s not the point. I don't like it if people pay for me. I will feel guilty" I said rubbing my arm "But why Its your Favorite boy band Keke!!!" Annie said they were both shocked to hear my say that I couldn't go. The bell rang and I sighed "Maybe next time" then I turned away and let myself walk to math class. The Exam. I sat down on the table and looked out of the window. "So students are you ready for the Exam" I heard our teacher say. He said it like we are going to play a soccer game. The class didn't responds at all. It was quit. Someone cleared is throat. The teacher sighed and said " Ok guys don't be nervous it easy. Lets start."He started to give out the papers. I got the paper and looked at it. He was right it was easy. I wrote my name on it and started to write........An hour has gone and the bell rang some of my class were yelling 'Noo please just 1 more min.' or ' Come on this is unfair' I didn't care I stood up gave the teacher my paper. Without any word I got my stuff and left the class. I really wanted to go but I...I don't know why I can't go....I just...need stupid money... I was frustrated....I had 150 dollars but I need them for my club. Yes I am in a club it’s after school but not in school. I loved going there its 150 dollars a year and I need to bay at the end of the week for it. So what can I do….I thought about it, Till I meet the doors of Bio class. Urgh. I got to Class and saw Lea. She waved and I walked towards her and sit down next to her “Hey” she said I gave her a smile and said “Hey I’m sorry that I just walked away I just don’t want you to pay for Me.” I apologized  Lea sighed “ Its okay don’t worry about it but why won’t you accept our money”  “I just…I don’t know..” I said. Lea sighed and was about to say something but got interrupted by the teacher , that just came in “ Morning Class..." I didn't really pay any attention to him, I just looked out side the window. I wish I could pay for the concert tickets!

~Ahhhh I'm soooo Lateee Sorry School is Killing me -.-' Sorry Again~Cece.T

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