Nialls Little Champion

Keke Sumi is an normal girl with somersets. She is 17 years old and she loves athletic very much. But happens when she meets One Direction and of them is falling for her? Would she fall for him too? Will her dream come True and win a gold medal from the Olympics or will she fail? Will she meet her Horrible past? I will she get Revenge? Will there be still Love ??


2. Exams~1

One more week and then Schools ends.I'm so excited for what the summer will bring. Maybe big Concerts or maybe the big beach...well maybe not that because here in England the weather sucks. So maybe big Concerts, Yeah thats sounds fun but before we go to Sumner Paradise we have a full week of Exams. See what a nice School director we have. "A full week of exams before Summer!! ~Keekee" I text my best friend Lea and Anne they both text back " I knowww this School SUCKS ~Leea" "Well thats School Good LUCK ~Anniie" I laughed at those texts I don't even know how we got Along those 10 years we are so different from each other. I drink tea as I read them again. Its Sunday Today I need to study everything that are in the exams so I can get good grades of course. But first I'm gonna go get something to fresh me up. I got my Jacket and my Phone after that I went out of my small apartment. I went to Starbucks to get some coffee and some snacks. I needed to study hard if I don't I need to learn in Summer. Then "Au revoir Summer Paradise" and " Hello Summer School". We really do have a nice School. I walked out of Starbucks past by some creepy stores but in one of them was a big poster of ONE DIRECTION! I started to Fangirl like a 13 years old girl. I looked at it and I started to dream. I don't have a favorite. I just can't choose between them. Who actually choose one of them they are all amzayn?????? Well I now I need to can't wait my time, so I walked home. At home I looked what Exam we have on Monday, Math. "Ugh,...Math" I said to myself " This will be the worst" and Yes I talk to myself. I put my math stuff on the whole table and I stated to learn that stuff. Two full hours I tried to put the stuff all my brain but eventually I needed a break. I stood up and walked to the living room. I watched the picture of my dad, my mom and my Uncle Iroh. My Dad was always there for me and my mom, he worked as a fireman here in London. I had a Brave heart saving women and children very day.My mom and me weren't the only people who loved him. My Mom was the most beautiful woman in the world she had black thin hair and green brown eyes,no wonder my dad married her. She always made me feel beautiful. My Uncle Iroh is strong wise and the most kindest person in the whole world. I know him since I was a baby. I love how wise he is I always wanted to be like him don't care what people say about me and just have a fun life but it didn't worked at all. After my parents got killed, he was the only one I talked to. But he needed to go to Japan for my Grandma she was as shocked as I was so he needed to go and stay with her. His last wise words were " Let you'r past go, and enjoy Life."  and I knew he wanted me to forget everything but I couldn't. Not that Moment.No.Never.

I shook of the thoughts and got back the Full week of exams. On Tuesday we have English. Wednesday we have History. Thursday we have Bio. And Friday....THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

~Hope U like it pls Comment and like need some advise for next Chap Help~ Cece.T~

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