Nialls Little Champion

Keke Sumi is an normal girl with somersets. She is 17 years old and she loves athletic very much. But happens when she meets One Direction and of them is falling for her? Would she fall for him too? Will her dream come True and win a gold medal from the Olympics or will she fail? Will she meet her Horrible past? I will she get Revenge? Will there be still Love ??


4. Beautiful~3



'Just give her the money, you can do this KI. Granny won't know about it'

I told myself as I'm searching for the money to give it to the Lady who was selling the One Direction Tickets

'No you can't do this, Granny worked really hard the money she gave you Don't do it KI'

Shit. The voice was right. She worked really hard for it so I lied:

"Ah I don't have the money with me. What A shame" The Lady raised her eyebrow and said:

"Oh that's okay maybe next Year Kid. NEXT" she yelled the last Part really loud.

I walked out of the line where hundred girls were waiting to get Tickets.

I really wanted them but the voice was right I couldn't. I sighed and started to walk through the streets.  Yesterday we had done the English Exam it was quit easy and today we had the History Exam it wasn't easy and it wasn't hard. So nothing was exciting today and I was just in some sweats, after school I was too lazy to get some Jeans on. I just wanted to go home an sleep. Instead I was walking toward Starbucks. When I walked in I ordered a Cold Apple Juice and a Muffin. I told them my Name and got seat. I took out my book and started reading. After a while my name was called, I stood up from my place and started walking towards the cashier to get my Muffin and my drink. Suddenly I bumped into someone

"Sorry" I mumbled without even looking.

"It's Okay, Love." he said with an thick Irish. I kind of knew that accent, but honestly I didn't care I just wanted that Muffin!

I went to the Cashier and took my stuff. And out to Homie Womie (LoL)

Naill’s P.O.V

The Boys and I are on Tour through England. It is really nice to see more Fans in other cities. The concerts are always amazing and the Fans are so Supportive and Protective over us. We really love them all of them. It is amazing how far they bought us here. And of course Uncle Simon too. I didn’t know we would make it this far. We really thank all of the support of our Fans, and we also thank the judges that said yes on our audition on The X-Factor and that they put us together when we almost went Home. The years in The X-Factor taught that you should Never Say Never, cause if you said Never you will never know what will happen if you had chosen the right way in life. We were all know in our X-Factor Tour Bus, everyone was busy Louis and Harry were playing Play station on the TV, Zayn was reading a Book, and me and Liam were in our mini Kitchen eating sandwiches. While Liam was eating he was texting someone. “Who are you texting?” I asked curious he didn’t answer he was writing something on his phone “Hello earth on LIAM!” I said the last part a little bit louder. “Huh?” was all he said, he had a confused expression on his face. I sighed “Liam your non-stop texting. Who are YOU Texting?!?!” I asked “Ah You remembered the back-up dancer on the X-Factor?” “The girl with curly hair?” “Yeah her name is Danielle and well we exchanged numbers...” I didn’t let him finish his sentences after screaming “Guyzz Liam has a girl on his hook (idk if it is British)!!” All of the boys came running and started to whistle “Who is the lucky one???” “Her name is Danielle and she is a dancer from The X-Factor!” Liam said proudly. “The girl in the back with curly hair that you found HOT!?” Harry asked loudly Liam just nods. Suddenly his Phone starts to viber and a picture of a girl with really curly hair came on. Must be her. Harry and Louis whistle, Zayn went to his seat and started to read again and I just looked at Liam, who was looking at his phone without touching it, “Aren’t you gonna answer?” I asked him confused “Ohh Yeah…haha…” he said kind of nervous “Hey mate didn’t you talked to her before?” Louis questioned also a little confused “Well...Yeah...I mean yes... But...You guys are still here?” Liam looked at us with a nervous smile “Ahh our lover man wants privacy” Harry said cheeky, he grabbed Louis by his shoulder and they both went back to their video games. So I stood up picked up my sandwich and looked at Liam. “Good Luck” I said with a smile and went out and sat next to Zayn, who was really into his book. I could hear Liam talking to Danielle, when I first met her on The X-Factor she was really kind and nice to everyone. Just like Liam is. They really should date one day they have the same personalities. They are both Kind, Responsible, nice to everyone, they don’t like to swear which I don’t understand why, and both of them don’t drink. A nice Granny couple. Haha just kidding. But well it is true they both won’t drink a bit. Why not Enjoy life and love it… I was interrupted by the Bus stopping and Louis screaming “STARBUCKS!!!!!!” We all looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Look there Starbucks” he said and pointed out of the tour bus window. We all looked out of it and say Starbucks. There weren’t that much people neither where there no people. There were actually …old. “This is a nice place.” Harry said. We all agreed. After we all got dressed we went out to Starbucks. It wasn’t that hot but it was warm. I liked the weather here it’s not too cold in the summer but in winter it freezing. Well went and ordered, without anybody noticing us. That’s was a good because I hated crowds. I don’t hate our fans I love them. We all love them. I ordered three Chocolate Chunk Cookie, two Chicken Santa Fe Panini and a Iced Caramel Macchiato. It’s too much you think...Nah its lunch Baby! Louis ordered a Caffé Latte and a Turkey & Swiss Sandwich. Harry got a Strawberry Smoothie and a Ham & Cheddar Artisan Breakfast Sandwich , Liam ordered a Caramel Macchiato and a Butter Croissant and last but not least Zayn ordered a Starbucks Refreshers™ Orange Melon and a Muffin. Well the boy went and got our seats while I told the young Lady our names. As I turned around I bumped into a girl my age with brown hair and wearing sweat clothe “Sorry” she mumbled without even looking she was just looking at the ground. “It’s Okay, Love” I said with my thick Irish accent. She rushed to the Young Lady and got a Muffin and a apple juice. She didn’t even look at me. Strange maybe she had a bad day I thought for myself. For a minute I was thinking about the girl with long brown hair but then I could hear my name being called I looked at the table where the boys were sitting. They were waving me non-stop. I went over to them and sat next to Liam, who off course was texting Danielle. I looked out of the window to see if that girl was still there, but she wasn’t. I sighed. Louis looked at me with a smirk on his face. “What?” I asked him confused. “You searching for that girl that you bumped into?” “Did you saw her face?” I asked him curious. “Yeah she sat on the other table, reading a book.” He said “But why are you asking? Are you interest in her?” he asked me with a smirk “Whoa…Nialler did you even talk to her” Harry asked as he got his phone “We didn’t have a conversation and she didn’t look up at me so well…No.” I said nervous Liam looked up from his phone “I saw her face too” he said. I turned to him and gave him a confused face. “Yeah when she stood up while looking out of the window and then she turned to us but well she maybe she didn’t see because after that she grabbed her stuff and bumped into you. And after she got her stuff she directly went out of the shop.” He explained.  “Oh…” was all I said. I sunk into my seat and looked at my hand. I kind of really wanted to talk to her but I didn’t know why A girl that I just bumped into seemed so…Special.  

 Keke’s POV

After 10 minutes of walking, I finally arrived home. I put my shoes of and put my hair in a messy bun. I closed the front door and went to the kitchen; I got my Starbucks bag and got out the food. It smells sooo good. I loved that Muffin so much. And that delicious Cold Apple Juice. I put them on a small hold table (Idk who you call it) and went out of the kitchen to the living room. I sat down and out them on my lap. My table was full of books… I sighed tomorrow is the last Exam for me. Halleluiah! I started to eat the Muffin. When I finished it I drank my cold Apple Juice. I was thinking about tomorrow, I have athletic and also Friday but Friday was always directly after School and tomorrow we have at 6 after school. In 2012 our team would go to the Olympics’ I was sooo exited, but I couldn’t enter it I was to young that was more than unfair. It was ridicules. I was the Best in our team and all of them are older than me. I was so sad when I heard that I wasn’t going to participate on them I wanted to win Gold. But nooo I’m too young. It was unfair. I got up and went to the Kitchen to put my dishes in the sink and the trash in the trash can. I went to the living room and started to study for tomorrow. I still needed good grades so I could go to Oxford University…Yeah me and Annie want to go there and Lea is going in a month to Canada. We were proud of here but of course it was sad that she is going away from us. We are gonna see each other when we all finished the university and a man for life and maybe children. But let’s just see where God takes us. I wanted to have children of course and a man that I love with all my heart so that we would be forever together. No Matter what happened. I want that Annie and Lea have the same destiny as I. Lea wants to be the most amazing dancer in the world and have man that she will love forever and a beautiful little Dancer. Annie wants to study business and have trips with her man and a little boy around the world and live happily ever after. We all wanted beautiful children, give them love like nobody else did. Treat them like Princess and Prince and tell them about our past how we want them to have something better than our lives. Give them what is good for them and tell them about how some stuff bad for them are. But there is one thing that every women needs is, the man of their life who will support them in every single way no matter what happened. He Will Always Love You!   After a while I stopped studying , I started to put my stuff away from the living room table. I got up from the floor and went into my bedroom. I loved to be here it so light. I sat down on my bed and looked at my empty wall I still didn’t do anything to it. I only paint it white nothing else. After a I looked at the empty wall I notice that I had a small bedroom. Ha I didn’t notice it till yet see how carefree I am about some stuff in my life. I thought about tomorrow, we have stupid Bio!

'It's Okay, Love'

Huh? That voice...that guy I bumped into right...Something about his voice was...Special?


~Hello Guys I just finished it srry that I didn't post last week my Friends b-day was on :P I hope u like it :D  I will try to post more this week because I have free YAY!!! Love ya Guys xxx~LilaRose

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