Nialls Little Champion

Keke Sumi is an normal girl with somersets. She is 17 years old and she loves athletic very much. But happens when she meets One Direction and of them is falling for her? Would she fall for him too? Will her dream come True and win a gold medal from the Olympics or will she fail? Will she meet her Horrible past? I will she get Revenge? Will there be still Love ??


1. About me! (not a chp. )

Hello, my name is Keke Sumi. I'm 17 years old. I have big brown puppy eyes and I had brown hair but I dyed a little orange. It looks better on me. I'm athletic I can do a back flilp and a normall filp without jumping on the trampoline. I love to make severel flips over and over again. Well my dream is to find my true Love and to win a gold medal fom the Olympics 2o12. Now it is 2o11 in one year and I will win it. My friends Lea and Anne are supporting me very day when I have athlectic class. In the class we are a Team, friends and family. We all want is the same thing go to the Olympics and get the golden medal. Well let me tell you about my two best Friend , Lea and Anne. Lea is 18 years old she has brown hair and blue eyes her hobby is Dancing. Anne is 17 years old she has blonde hair and green eyes her hobby is singing. I know the both from the first day of school and they are the kindest people I know. We all love to sleepover at Anne's house. We are big Taylor Swift and One Direction Fans! There is still my family......I'm half Britsh and Half japanish weird huh? Well my mom is Japanish and my dad is Britsh. I look more like my dad I just have the sink of my mom and my Nose. Well there is still one thing...they died years ago... To be honest with you they got murdered from my older sister Eva Sumi.
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