Gotta Be You

it's been two years now, ever since Alaina's cousin Zayn has left to audition for the X-factor. He's become famous and is now in a band called One Direction. When the boys decide to go on alittle break and Zayn goes home will he remember Alaina and all the fun times they've had when they were younger? Or will he forget everything they've done together? And will romance happen between Alaina and one of the boys?


1. Bye Zayn!

2 years ago~

Alaina's POV: Today my whole life was about to be changed. Today was the day my cousin Zayn would audition for the X-factor. You see, Zayn has always had this passion for singing and to be honest, he has talent. I was the one that pushed him to audition and with lots of begging (from me of course) he finally decided to go. Zayn was like a big brother to me and without him, I'd be nothing. We've actually been through a lot together. Getting in trouble, pulling pranks on our neighbors. Yeah, I guess you could say he was my favorite out of all my cousins. Zayn's side of the family originally comes from England and mine from America so that's where we lived. And Zayn was going to be back in England for awhile. I frowned. I could here the doorbell rang from downstairs and I immediately knew who it was. I ran down and went to get it.

"Hey Zayn!" I said smiling. He smiled back an hugged me. We had so much in common, our black hair, big brown eyes, our nice smiles haha. "Hi laina" he said. "Ready to go Zayn?" "I don't know.." He scratched the back or his neck. "I'n kind of nervous." "Zayn!" I replied almost screaming at him. "You'll be fine. Trust me, you'll do great and I'll be here watching." "I know but what if I don't make it? Then I'll know I'm not good enough." He frowned. "Aw come on Zaynie stop being so negative"
Soon after my mom came downstairs and we were all on our way to bring Zayn to the airport. We say beside each other hand and hand. I could tell Zayn was nervous for the whole thing and didn't want to leave. We soon arrived and Zayn got a out of the car and a guy took his luggage. I got out and hugged him, I cried into his chest alittle and he rubbed my back and virtues his head into my chest. We soon pulled away and I said "I love you Zayn!" "I love you too I promise I won't forget you Alaina no matter what." I smiled and I started to tear up again. "I'm gonna miss you." "so will I but remember don't just sit here and be sad while I'm gone go make new friends or something okay?l "Fine." I said. "But promise when you come back I'll be the first person you'll come visit." "I promise." Ghe smiled that cheeky grin I loved and then looked at the time on his watch. "Shoot I gotta go. Bye laina." he said while hugging me one more time. "Bye Zayn! I live you, don't forget me!" I said as he ran off. That was it. He was gone for now and I already missed him..bye Zayn.
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