So much bigger on the inside

Life has never been the same since she left. Rosalie and her best friend emmy used to share a home together. that was until she disappeared. what is in the cellar and why does noone comeback once they go down?

rosalie finds herself lost and confused, until one night she is knocked over in the street by a mad man wearing a bow tie and a fez.


4. The Meeting

The clock had just stuck 2:00pm and rosalie had absolutely no food in her house. She decided it was time for her to make the trip to the market, "this should be fun" she thought.

Rosalie grabbed her bag, hat, coat and left the house, locking the door on her way out. The wind was blowing strong and she found it difficult to keep her hat on. When she arrived at the market, people started to stare, and numerous whispers were shared between the residents.

"Ok rosalie, lets just get this over with quickly and as painless as we can" she thought to herself. After buying all she needed to get, rosalie turned around to walk away, but as she did so a man bumped into her; knocking her and her stuff to the floor.

"Oh, i do apologise miss" apologised the man. "Its fine, as long as you have the decency to help me up" she replied. The man did so and as rosalie dusted her self off, she decided to see the face of the new stranger. "Oh my" she spoke. "What, is there something wrong" he replied confused. "no, its just that your wearing a... thing on your head" she answered. it was true, the strange man was wearing a bright red fez on his head. "Oh you mean a Fez" he said smiling. "Cool isnt it?" he added. Rosalie didnt think the word cool was the right one to use, but she nodded politely in agreement.

"Oh, how rude of me. my names Rosalie" she said politely. "Well hello Rosalie. Mines names the doctor, just the doctor" he replied with the biggest, cheesiest smile on his face. "The doctor? So people just call you the doctor" she replied. "Yes, always have done, dont know why. 1025 years of wondering and still havent found out the answer why" he said, still smiling.

"Now Rosalie, lets see if i can help you with your problem" he smiled.

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