So much bigger on the inside

Life has never been the same since she left. Rosalie and her best friend emmy used to share a home together. that was until she disappeared. what is in the cellar and why does noone comeback once they go down?

rosalie finds herself lost and confused, until one night she is knocked over in the street by a mad man wearing a bow tie and a fez.


3. 2012- modern day

"what's going on here" yelled Rosalie. Two people, in her care, had already disappeared.
Rosalie owned a big Victorian house. She got it cheap as the owners were in a hurry to get rid of it. A lot of people had warned Rosalie about the house, but Rosalie didn't believe a word they said.

The legend of crow estate was an old village legend.( or horror story, as the towns people called it).

The legend was that a witch lived in the house, the witch was called Agnes; a well known through the town. Anyway, legend had it that agnes was a witch who kidnapped the people of the town and played a little game with them-by game I mean hunt.

Apperently, Agnes would send her adopted daughter down to the town to lure people upto the estate. Then once inside, alice would leave the house-locking all the doors-trap them inside and leave Agnes to play her game. Pretty scary huh.

Anyway, back to Rosalie. Rosalie had had twelve people in total stay in her home. 5 left before staying a week and the other 7, we're never heard of again.

Rosalie had to avoid the village ever since she moved to the village. People accused her of killing the people and doing away with them. This was insane as Rosalie wouldnt hurt a fly, the police did investigate her home and interview her more than 20 times. Each time coming the conclusion that she couldn't have murdered them, and there no evidence to state otherwise.
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