So much bigger on the inside

Life has never been the same since she left. Rosalie and her best friend emmy used to share a home together. that was until she disappeared. what is in the cellar and why does noone comeback once they go down?

rosalie finds herself lost and confused, until one night she is knocked over in the street by a mad man wearing a bow tie and a fez.


2. 1915- the past owners

"I don't care if your scared, just do it" yelled Agnes. "but why must I be the one to do everything?" cried alice.

"what. You question me... Me who has gave you a purpose. The woman who took you off the streets and put a roof over your rotten head!" yelled Agnes.

"yes, I know what you have done for me and I am very thankful, but I don't see why you treat me like a slave".

Agnes was getting angry. She scrunched her hands into fists, her nails started to sharpen, her body getting thinner as she grew taller.

The woman was a monster and Alice knew her true form. The neighbors her banging and screaming. "stop it please" screamed Alice.

This was the last thing the neihbours heard Alice say!
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