Love And Nandos

19 year old Emma and 19 year old Niall have been dating for 2 years now and everything is going well, until she finds some odd news articles in all the magazines about Niall and his mystery girl. Are they just rumours that ruin parts of their relationship or will Emma lose the love of her life or will everything get better than she ever expected. Read to find out :)


3. Love, Big News And Happiness

Emma's POV

I stepped into the shower and I saw a cheeky grin on his face and it made me giggle, I knew that he loved it when I giggled, then all of a sudden I felt a warm, soft  and strong hand grab the side of my face, he then pressed his lips on my neck and then my shoulder then up to my lips, he was kissing me quite passionately and it was really nice. I then felt his right hand move to underneath my bum, my back was against the shower wall, he had moved me onto his waist and kissing me like crazy, then he pulled away, I was quite sad, so I decided to hop out of the shower and go to bed. By the time Niall got into bed I was already asleep, although I could feel him climb in, he then placed a small but passionate kiss on my lips.

The next day I woke up and I went to the laptop that was sitting on the desk in the bedroom, I turned it on and opened up the internet, I searched for cheap flights to Hawaii and I found some cheap but good seats. I planned to take Niall to Hawaii for one or two weeks. I purchased the tickets and then went to make breakfast, I made a lot, I mean after all Niall did eat a lot. I made toast, bacon, eggs, pancakes and french toast, and as I flipped the last french toast over I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. I quickly ran with the food and placed it onto the table and sat in my normal seat and waited for him to walk over to the table, when he gets to where I am he bends down to me and places his soft lips on my forehead. He then turned and saw all the food.

Niall's POV

When I turned my head and saw all of that food my eyes just lit up, I turned to her and asked "did you do all this for me?" all she did was nod. We both dug into our food as we were both very hungry, "I have a surprise for you" Em said, I was very curious to find out what the surprise was, "And what is the surprise this you speak of" I asked, "We are going to Hawaii for one or two weeks" she said. When Em told me that we were going to go to Hawaii I was so excited that I jumped out of my seat and picked her up and span her around, she giggled then screamed, and I then kissed her lightly on the neck I had to do something today to impress her, so when she went to have a shower and get dressed I organised a private sophisticated dinner in the park, there was a pond with a small island in the middle with a bridge that went from the park to the island, I organised flowers and everything else that was needed. when it was 6o'clock in the evening I said "I'm taking you somewhere special and you have to wear something nice" when she was dressed I took her hand and we got into my car. I handed her a blindfold and told her to put it on. I helped her out of the car and over to the pond, I took the blindfold off her eyes to reveal a very sophisticated dinner, gasped and kissed me passionately on my lips.

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