Love And Nandos

19 year old Emma and 19 year old Niall have been dating for 2 years now and everything is going well, until she finds some odd news articles in all the magazines about Niall and his mystery girl. Are they just rumours that ruin parts of their relationship or will Emma lose the love of her life or will everything get better than she ever expected. Read to find out :)


2. Hide And Seek

Emma's POV

I knew that I had to hide somewhere where he couldn't find me, but it being his apartment it was quite hard to think of a hiding place where he couldn't find me, then I remembered that I am quite a small girl and that I would be able to hide in a smallish cupboard and then it would be hard to find me.

It must have been at least 2 hours that I was in the cupboard and my legs had pins and needles all throughout them, it really hurt. I had moved to get into a more comfortable position when I heard Niall walk into the bedroom and heading towards where I was, I took a deep but quiet breath in, but it must have been too loud cause he soon found me. Niall looked at me with his adorable smile and I then had a warm feeling inside. He lifted me out of the cupboard and placed me onto our new bed, we both sat there looking into each others eyes, his eyes were so beautiful. Niall leaned to kiss my cheek, but I grabbed his face and kissed it very passionately, he knew where this was going.


Niall's POV

I knew where Em was taking this and I wanted to as well, so layed her down on the bed and softly crawled on top of her, I was the kissing her neck and I could tell that she like it cause she started to moan slightly, but very quietly. I put my hands on her waist and she then slipped her tongue into my mouth and exploring. I then decided to tease her by putting my hand under her to to her bra strap, I undid it but then did it up again, she then pulled away and sent me a confused look, I smiled cheekily and she then pressed her lips up against my neck and I moan quite loudly, as she had found my weak spot. I pulled apart once more and got up to go have a shower, but she stopped me and took my hand in hers and made me follow her to the kitchen.

We started to cook dinner, but we forgot about the chicken in the oven and we found it all burnt, so we decided to take a trip to Nandos. Once we had our food and we had taken it home, we sat on the couch and I started play feeding her, she then giggled continuously, "I love when laugh its very sexy" I whispered in her ear. once we had finished our food I decided  to take a shower, so I walked up to our bedroom's ensuite, once there I stripped and stepped into it. I turned the water on and let the warm water run down my back, it was quite relaxing, all of a sudden I heard the door open and a figure through the fogged up shower door, it then opened and Emma stepped in with me, in a way I kinda hoped that she would do that.


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