Love And Nandos

19 year old Emma and 19 year old Niall have been dating for 2 years now and everything is going well, until she finds some odd news articles in all the magazines about Niall and his mystery girl. Are they just rumours that ruin parts of their relationship or will Emma lose the love of her life or will everything get better than she ever expected. Read to find out :)


6. Authors Note

Authors Note

Hey everyone, I'm sorry to say but I'm having a bit of a writers block so it might be a while till I update, so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions you can comment them or email them to me at and if you do email them to me as the subject of the email put love and nandos ideas just so I know what its about also at the end of the email just put your movellas username so I know who it is, Thanks everyone and once again I'm sorry.

Love directioner_1D_0398

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