Love And Nandos

19 year old Emma and 19 year old Niall have been dating for 2 years now and everything is going well, until she finds some odd news articles in all the magazines about Niall and his mystery girl. Are they just rumours that ruin parts of their relationship or will Emma lose the love of her life or will everything get better than she ever expected. Read to find out :)


7. Are You Serious

Niall's POV

 I picked the ring up and held it tightly in my hand, knelt down on my good knee and told her to open her eyes, "AHHHHHH" she screamed "Em we have been dating for two years now, and I know that I really want to spend the rest of my life with you, it has been the best two years of my life and I know that I will never forget them, Em I love you to the moon and back and so I would love to spend the rest of my life with you, and I know that we are really young but Emma, Will You Be My Wife?" I said with confidence, she looked well I don't exactly know what emotion she had on her face until "AHHHHHHH YES NI I WILL BECOME YOUR WIFE" she screamed with a very large smile on her face, I put the ring on her finger and stood up, but before I did she had jumped into my arms and was passionately kissing my lips. I held her so close, closer then I ever had before, our life will be perfect. "Em, I think we should have a long engagement and have the wedding in two or three years" I said taking all the tours into consideration, "yeah that could work, considering the whole touring and everything and I want to go to college" she replied, see this is why we are so good together, we understand each other and come from the same page.

Emma's POV

AHHHHHHH Niall just proposed to me, Oh My Gosh this is a dream come true. "Em, I think we should have a long engagement and have the wedding in two or three years" he said, at first I was quite upset at what he had said but I guess I could understand where he was coming from and it was perfect for me, because I wanted to go to college and get my teaching degree which only will take me three or four years anyway, "yeah that could work, considering the whole touring and everything and I want to go to college" I replied with a smile on my face. I stood up off the couch that I was sitting on and walked over to the door and turned back around towards my fiancé and asked "can I go tell Anu and Harry?" he nodded and stood up and walked over to me, we both walked out the door hand in hand, over to Harry and Anu's door. Once we got to the door, I looked at Niall and nodded, I knocked on the door and like two seconds later Harry came to the door with a cheeky smirk on his face and yelled "SO?" I looked at Ni with a confused look on my face did they know what went on. I walked into the room and walked up to Anu with my hand behind my back ready to surprise her, once I was in front of her I pulled my hand out from behind my back and showed her the ring " AHHHHH are you serious" she screamed full of joy and happiness all I did was nod, she then lifted her finger to let me see an engagement ring as well and all we did was scream "AHHHHHHH ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS THIS TIME" I screamed, this was the best day in the entire universe.

Anu's POV

When Emma showed me her ring I was so happy for her and then I showed her mine and she was so happy, we both were jumping around. About two hours later we had both decided to go down to the beach, "Haz and Ni we are just going down to the beach, you can come if you want to" I called out to them as they were on the couch playing on the x-box like usual, "We'll meet you girls down there later" Harry said in reply. I ran out the door and down to the foyer of the hotel that we were staying at and we both ran down to the beach and straight into the water, it was quite cold so after about five minutes we walked back out and layed out our towels on the sand and layed down. I don't know how long after I had fallen asleep, I felt someone shifting my towel with me on it into softer sand and sand being put onto my legs and arms, I paid no attention to it cause I thought that it was Emma playing a joke on me and at that point I had literally fallen asleep. I woke to sand all over my body, I shifted my head to see Harry with a big cheeky smirk on his face, "did you do this?" I asked politely, "yes, I did" he replied sounding quite pleased with himself, I managed to get out of the sand that was covering my body, I looked around to see where Emma was and there she was in the water splashing and goofing around like a little 5 year old with of course, Niall. I saw Harry walking towards the water so now was my time to run and push him in the water, so I ran and ran till I was at least a metre away from him, I leaned my arms towards his bare back and took a massive leap forwards and pushed him in, and he face planted, I literally couldn't stop laughing, I saw him get up and he was still crouching so I jumped on his back and he piggy-backed me into the water where he dropped me in. No it is war.


Authors Note

Hey everyone, first off I wish everyone the best for 2013 and I hope u have all had an amazing Christmas.

Sorry for not updating sooner I have been having massive writers blocks and was unable to think of anything and thats the same with my other fanfic Stay By Me. I hope u have all been enjoying this fanfic and once again best of luck in the new year.

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