Love And Nandos

19 year old Emma and 19 year old Niall have been dating for 2 years now and everything is going well, until she finds some odd news articles in all the magazines about Niall and his mystery girl. Are they just rumours that ruin parts of their relationship or will Emma lose the love of her life or will everything get better than she ever expected. Read to find out :)


1. Gap Year

Emma's POV

It was the final day of high school, and everything was perfect, I had a wonderful boyfriend who cared for me with all his heart, a loving family who loved me and supported me in whatever I did, and the best thing was that I finished all of my exams and I'm taking a Gap Year

The final bell went and I cried along with all my friends, we all hugged each other and promised that we would keep in touch, I mean after all they were my best friends. I then walked over to my boyfriend Niall and gave him a massive hug, he saw that i was crying and held me tighter to his chest, he the kissed my forehead, i loved it when he did that.

Niall took me to his car and took me to his apartment as today was the first day of living together, after all we had finished school, we were both adults now and we had been together for 9 months, my family and friends all were happy with the idea.


Niall's POV

I jumped out of my car and around to the passenger side to open the door for Em but when I got there it was too late she was already out of the car, I went to give her a kiss on her cheek, but she turned, and I ended pressing my lips against hers. She was so excited that she ran straight to the front door, I had left it unlocked since lunch when I came back, because I knew that she would do this. when she opened the door I saw her jaw just drop, and I knew why. Em ran to our bedroom, it was quite neat cause I spent the whole weekend cleaning it, because I knew how neat and tidy she is. All of a sudden I felt her lips on mine kissing me passionately, I pulled away from her to go get something to eat as I was starving like I always was. After I had eaten I felt cold hands on my waist, but when I turned to face her she was gone, and I knew that she was hiding from me.

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