take me home

rated pg13 haha, this is my first time writing a movella! but it is about one direction of course, I don't want to get too detaile and give it away but it will be quite intimate and I'm excited to finish, you all will love it, I hope


2. you had my from hello

I blushed and smiled, "hey, I'm spencer." "that's a lovely name! may I ask spencer, why you were staring at me?" he grinned cheekily. my face automatically turned a vibrant shade of crimson. "well-I umm, I've just never seen you around here before." I looked down at me shoes "ah yes well, I've lived here all my life! you must not get out often." "I really don't I've never had the chance." I replied embarrassed "oh? well maybe I could show you around sometime." he patted the seat next to him, so I sat and said "I'd like that." he smiled, oh that smiled melted my heart in an instant. I once again blushed and looked down. "so spencer tell me, do you have a boyfriend?" "ehhhhmm... no I've never really had one" "what?! you? never had a boyfriend?" my heart dropped "is-is that a bad thing?" he grabbed my hand "no. no of course not. it's just, you're so beautiful. boys at my school would be all over you." I looked him in the eyes. "I'm not sure if id be comfortable with that.." he grinned and his peircing green eyes lit up "don't worry, I'd protect you." I smiled and looked away. what was I doing? I hadn't known this boy for five minutes and I liked him. a lot. I'd never liked a boy, mostly because I haven't been out of the house for years. I didn't even go to school, I learned from my books. "SPENCERRR." I heard my step
father yell. oh shit. my eyes grew wide and I looked at Harry. "what? what's wrong?!" I stood up and started rapidly running back to the house. but before I reached the gate Harry grabbed my hand and spun me around, "I'll see you later okay? meet me in the park tomorrow." I could barely speak, for that couple seconds he took my mind off everything. I gave him a quick kiss on the nose, nodded and ran off. but my seconds of heaven are up, back to hell I went, with my stepfather pulling me in.
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