take me home

rated pg13 haha, this is my first time writing a movella! but it is about one direction of course, I don't want to get too detaile and give it away but it will be quite intimate and I'm excited to finish, you all will love it, I hope


6. waiting it out

I woke up the next morning and it was freezing, there obviously wasn't a heater. so I looked over at Harry passed out on the floor, he looked so uncomfortable. I tapped his shoulder. "harry, Harry love! wake up." his green eyes fluttered open "hmmmm...?" "come here" he was still half asleep so he did as he was told. he climbed up onto the bed and got under the covers cuddling up next to me. I pressed myself up to his warm body and automatically everything was better. he put his arm around me and I drifted back to sleep. when I woke up again it was about 11:00 and Harry was propped up on one arm. his free hand was playing with my hair, I looked up and him and he smiled pulling me close and whispering "good morning beautiful." I grinned and grabbed the collar of his shirt, he was surprised by my forwardness but leaned Into kiss me anyways. I wanted hi
so bad. he slipped his toungue in my mouth, but suddenly stopped and was just hovering over me. "what's wrong?" I asked "I was thinking last night, you're still young.. and since I'm your first boyfriend.. I can't.. I don't want to take your innocence. you still have some much more to experience and I dont want to push you into anything." I groaned "but harrrryy... I'm not a kidd. pleassee?" I whined "no babe, only when you're ready." I sighed. "fine, what do you want for breakfast?" I tried changing the subject "no! let me, you stay here." and with that he climbed off me and into the kitchen || he came back with a full tray of waffles, eggs, bacon, and strawberries. "oh my gosh, you didn't have to make all that! I'll never finish!" he smiled "as long as you're fed, and treated like a queen, I'll be happy. eat up love" when I finished he took the plate back to the kitchen ||
waiting things out with spencer was going to be hard. I wanted her so bad, every part of her. she's amazing and so beautiful and I know she can't see it and it kills
me. I want to make her feels beautiful again, but I will not rob her of what innocence she has left. I think she could be the one. her age doesn't matter to me, she makes me happy and that's something I haven't been in a long time. I need her, and I won't let anyone hurt her ever again.
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