take me home

rated pg13 haha, this is my first time writing a movella! but it is about one direction of course, I don't want to get too detaile and give it away but it will be quite intimate and I'm excited to finish, you all will love it, I hope


9. plot twist

I had a terrible head ache, and my mouth tastes disgusting. I got up and brushed my teeth the went to find Harry. i found him asleep on the couch. why didn't he say with me again? I sat next to him and rubbed the back of my hand in his cheek, he's so adorable. I looked out the window at the sunshine shining through, he grabbed my hand that was on his face and put it on his chest so I could feel his heartbeat. I looked down and smiled at him. "I don't know where I'd be without you" I said as I leaned into kiss him. he smiled on my lips, then said inbetween kisses "I - love - you" I stopped and looked him dead in the eyes "nobody has ever told me that, not even my own mother." he sat up and took my face in his hands "I'm so honored I was the first, and hopefully the only, because you're mine." he growled pulling me on top of him. I giggled playing along. "as you are mine." he tugged on my shirt wanting me even closer. I got down so I was straddling him his face centimeters from mine. "still too far" he mumbled. so I sealed the gap with my lips. I felt hips abs through his shirt rubbing them, I felt him get hard between my legs. "wow styles, keep your penis under controll." "I can't when you're making it so fucking hard" he hissed throwing me under him so he was ontop. them there was a sudden rasping on the door. "fucking door fuck shit." he mumbled under his breath. I sighed. I needed him. "Uhh... spencer.. we have company" Andy barged through the door walking straight towards me. I tried to run but he screamed "DON'T EVEN TRY TO GO ANYWHERE YOU LITTLE SLUT OR I'LL KILL YOU BOTH." I froze in my tracks fearing for Harry. Andy had me by my throat now pressed up against the wall. he pulled out a knive and whispered to me "Remeber whos boss around here?"
I stood there, watching him scare spencer. no this cannot be happening. I snuck into the kitchen
and grabbed the first thing I saw, a beer bottle. I took it, snuck up behind Andy and smashed it on his head.
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