take me home

rated pg13 haha, this is my first time writing a movella! but it is about one direction of course, I don't want to get too detaile and give it away but it will be quite intimate and I'm excited to finish, you all will love it, I hope


10. epolouge

after my stepfather got knocked out we took him to the police. they put him for four years of jail, so all the inheritance went to me. I took Harry back to my house and I showed him everything. I took him up to my room an he sat on my bed. "oh my god spence, this is like sleeping on a cloud!" he said. I laughed and he looked around; "you have so many books!" "oh this isn't the half of it. follow me" I grabbed his hand and he obediently followed. I took him into the library, "holllyyy shitt. I want this" he said in awe. "you can have it anytime you want baby, it's ours now." he smiled at me "but I do wonder what Andy would think." I said ready to make my move "what do you mean? he's gone?" he asked stepping closer to me "I wonder what he would think of me dating a big, older bad boy..?" I bit my lip looking him up and down. he pushed me up against the bookshelf and started to kiss me deeply. "nobody-talks to me-like that-and gets-away with it." he said between kisses. "oh? and what are you gonna do about it styles?" he narrowed his eyes and slammed me harder Into the bookshelf; I whimpered and he tugged at my shirt. I took it off and he bent to his knees, unbuttoning my pants. I ripped off his shirt and he took my zipper inbetween his teeth and pulled it down slowly just to antagonize me. I moaned "don't play with me styles he pulled down my jeans and placed a kiss on the rim of my underwear. "ready?" he asked. "hell yes."
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