take me home

rated pg13 haha, this is my first time writing a movella! but it is about one direction of course, I don't want to get too detaile and give it away but it will be quite intimate and I'm excited to finish, you all will love it, I hope


4. confessions

the following day I woke up to my stes dad standing over my bed. I looked up with wide eyes. he grabbed me at my rib cage and yanked me off the bed and threw me on the floor. he kicked me once in the shoulder and once in the stomach. he didnt say one word he just walked out and left me on the floor. I tried to get up but it hurt. badly. somehow I managed to get ready, covering my new bruises. I wore skinny jeans and a red blouse that tied in the front showing off my curves. I put on my make up and struggled to get out of te window and to the park. I tried not to cringe in pain when he hugged me once again. he looked down at me still in his arms and smiled, "hey babe, I missed you." "missed you too." he was hurting me do bad, I could barely move my arms. damn, Andy hits hard. he look at me confused "what's wrong? I being too straight forward?" he asked. "no, I'm just.. I'm fine." "no you're not." he toon my hand but I yelped in pain. "spencer whats wrong?!" he asked more firmly. I sighed, took his hand with my good arm walked him over to his car. "dot ask any questions, just take me somewhere where we can be alone." I knew I would regret this someday. || he didn't speak the whole drive. his nuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel so hard. he finally pulled into an empty drive way, took out his keys and motioned for me to follow. I could barely unbuce my sear belt it hurt so bad but I managed to follow. we went inside and he said "okay, now tell me what the hell is going on." he sounded angry. I was red with embarrassment. "Harry , when I ask you to do this don't question it just do it." "okay." "take off my shirt. I can't" he stared at me blankly, but eventually did what he was told. my bruises were everywhere, from my rib cage down to my knees, but he only saw what was on my stomach and chest. he stood back in awe, too afraid to react. "do you see why I don't like my stepfather now?" I questioned "oh.. oh my god. spencer..." he said coming closer I just looked at te floor. I couldn't look him in the eyes. he gently grabbed my chin and tilted my face up so it was even with his. "Im going to protect you from this." he said a tear rolling down his cheek. "I don't think you can, harry." I said softly. "listen to me right now. I going to do everything in my power to stop this. you're going to come live with me here. we're going to stop this." he grabbed my good and and took my to the fridge. he got out and ice pack and told me to lay on the couch With that on. he disappeared into the back of the house and came back with a worn tee shirt. "here, this should be more comfortable for the night."
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