Juliet has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since she was just a little girl. This isn't what you think though. It's not him who she falls in love with. It's Niall. Every since One Direction has formed, Juli, as they liked to call her, has been head over heels in love with that Irish lad. He doesn't feel the same. He sees her as a sister and best friend. Or so it seems. After many struggles things change. Relationships form and break. People get hurt. They get sick. They fight. Can Juli finally sort out her life? Will Niall come back from... wherever he might've gone? Will things change for the better, or for worse? I guess we may never know.


2. Chapter 2

“It’s official,” I said stretching my arms into the air, “I hate planes.”I walked over to the baggage carousel to get my bags. Louis followed behind me yawning. He had fallen asleep on me 5 minutes into the flight and slept the whole time. The fact that I absolutely hate being on planes didn’t help either. The whole time Louis was off in Dream Land, I was being paranoid thinking that the plane could crash at any moment.

I threw my backpack on my shoulder and grabbed my other suitcase, LouLou grabbed his.

“The boys should be here soon.” He smiled, rubbing my back to comfort me.

“Do they really miss me that much?” I wondered, looking up at him. Over the phone they seemed so happy to know they would get the chance to see me, but did they really mean it?

“Oh my god, Peaches!” He exclaimed, “They miss you so much, you’re all they fucking talk about! Juli this, and peaches that. You like a good 90% of what they talk about. They all miss you so much, including me. I think Niall and Zayn miss you the most.”

Niall. I sighed. I love him, and I have since Louis introduced him and the rest of the boys to me when they became a group last year. They were all so nice to me, but Niall, Niall was different. I don’t exactly know how but he is, and the only one who knows is Louis.

Now, Louis has been my best friend since we were practically born. Ok, not really. He’s 4 years older than me, but we lived right next to each other and our parents always encouraged us to become friends, so we did. Best friends.

“What about the other 10%?”

“Girls, sex and money!” Louis said happily.

“Boys,” I rolled my, “Hey I-” Louis cut me off.

“Look!” He screamed pointing behind me. I quickly turned around. They boys were running towards us and screaming in excitement. I couldnt help but smile seeing them run towards me like they were chasing an ice cream truck on a really hot day.

“Peaches!” Niall said, picking me up in the air and kissing me on the cheek, “I missed you so much.” He said hugging me.

“Niall, let her breathe! There is plenty of Juli to go around!” Harry said smiling and walking over to hug me.

Everyone came closer to me and hugged me all at once, with me in the middle being squished.

“You know I love all of you, but I’m dying here!” They all backed up and grabbed my bags and we walked to the car.

“I’m sitting next to Juli!” Zayn shouted.

“No, you not! I am!” Liam pushed Harry out of the way. Niall and Zayn put my bags in the back, along with Louis’ bags.

“Yeah right, she’s sitting next to me!” Harry said.

“Your hair is too curly, she won’t wanna sit with you.” Zayn smiled messing up Harry’s hair.

Harry looked hurt and shut his mouth.

We all got in the car. Louis was driving, Liam was in the passengers seat, Harry and Niall sat next to me, and Zayn sat by himself in the back.

“You’re really gonna love the house,” Liam said turning around to face me. “You have a bedroom and a bathroom all to yourself!”

“Yeah, me and Niall painted it your favorite color too,” Zayn said confidently.

“ORANGE?!” I screamed with a big smile on my face.

Niall’s face dropped, he went from smiling to frowny face in a matter of seconds. I felt bad.

“I thought it was green…” He looked down at his lap, avoiding me.

“I was just kidding, Niall. It is green.” I said wrapping my arms around Niall and kissing him on the cheek. He smiled and hugged me back.

“Don’t scare me like that.” He laughed.

“But why, it’s so much fun.”

“We’re here!” Louis screamed as we all jumped out of the car.

I looked up at the house. It looked huge. It had blue siding and white trim. There were trees scattered all over the yard.

“Climbing worthy?” Zayn asking from behind me.

“Definitely!” I smiled.

We all walked in and I was amazed. There was a big kitchen, and a big fridge. Niall, I laughed. A living room with a Flat screen TV, a couch, and bean bags all over.

As we walked upstairs, I was even more amazed. We walked into my room and it was beautiful. The walls were the prettiest shade of green that I’ve ever seen.

“It’s beautiful.”

“I knew you’d like it,” Niall put my bags down and sat on my bed. “It’s my favorite shade of green.”

“Mine too,” I whispered.

“HEY” Everyone said as they ran into my room and plopped down onto my bed along with Niall.

“How do you like your new room?” Harry asked.

“I love it.” I said as I walked over and jumped onto the bed next to Harry, hugging him.

“Wow,” I whispered as I looked around my big room, spotting something out of the corner of my eye. “What’s that?!” I asked jumping off the bed and running of to a guitar.

“It’s a guitar.” Zayn said.

“Well, obviously.” I asked picking it up. “Is…. Is it mine?” I asked quietly.

“No, it’s for your neighbors dog.” Louis laughed.

I joined in with him remembering what he had said the other day.

“Yes it’s yours.” Liam said.

“You guys really didn’t have to do all this. I would’ve been ok with a bed and a lamp.”

“Nothing but the best for you, love.” Zayn said, “And besides we all know how much you love playing the guitar and singing.”

“Thanks,” I smiled.

“Movie night?” Niall suggest, “Like old times?”

“Yes!” I screamed running out of the room and down the stairs before them, knowing what they’ll do if they get there first. I jumped into the middle of the couch, and they ran in and started sitting everywhere.

Nial sat next to me and so did Harry. Liam popped in my favorite movie, Due Date, and pushed play.

The movie started and within 15 minutes Louis was fast asleep. Liam and Zayn started nodding off in their bean bags, and Harry was asleep too.

“So much happened when you were gone, Juli.” Niall said, leaning towards me, “so much.”

“Like…?” I asked, curious of what he’d tell me.

“Like… I have a girlfriend now, Harry still walks around the house naked still, and your like 90% of all our conversations.”

“And the other 10% is girls, sex and money.” I laughed still processing what he had just said. He had a girlfriend.

“Juli, are you OK?” He asked.

“You have a girlfriend?” I asked monotonously, ignoring his question.

“Yeah, she’s really nice. Her name is Alexa.” He looked at me. “Juli, answer me. Are you OK? You look upset.” He asked again.

I snapped back into reality. Looking at Niall I felt like I was going to cry, but I held it in. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just tired, I think I’m going up to my room to lay down.”

“Juli, wait, stay here, you can lean on me if you want.”

“Night,” I said before heading up the stairs, ignoring him.

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