I woke up with a massive headache. What happened last night after our concert? Woah! Where am I?! I know for a fact that this is NOT my hotel. I hear some footsteps and I start to tremble uncontrollably. Who is that?! I pretend that I'm sleeping. I hear a female voice say, "...I know your not sleeping." I open my eyes to find a girl smirking.


30. Zayn's Point Of View

She has a gun. Seriously? NO fair!! I shuffle Perrie behind me, ready to defend her. I see Liam taking a stance. What is he thinking?? He holds up his knife at an angle. No Liam. NO. Don't you dare Liam!! Liam no!! To late. He jumped on her. And she pulled the trigger. "OWWWWW!!! THAT WAS MY MOTHER FUCKING LEG YOU CUNT!! I'M GOING TO FUCKING MURDER YOU, YOU GOD DAMN SLAG!!! SHIT THAT HURTS SO BAD. YOU WHORES!! GET ME TO A FUCKING HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW, YOU CUNTS!!" Well. That's definitely not Liam. I look at Ocean and Liam. He ending up stabbing her in the neck. Ew. Brutal. But at least she's dead now. Now I franticly look for who got shot. Oh my God. Niall!! My poor lad!!! We all just look at Niall's bleeding leg, stunned. He snaps us out of it by saying, "WHAT PART OF NOW DO YOU MOTHER FUCKERS NOT GET!?!?" I take off my shirt and use it to tie on to his heavily bleeding thigh. Harry grabs his shoulders. Louis grabs his torso. And I carefully grab his legs. And we lift him. "OWWWW!! WHAT CUNT JUST FUCKING TOUCHED MY GOD DAMN INJURED LEG!?!?" Perrie is trying to calm him down while we walk past Liam repeatedly stabbing a dead Ocean. Liam is crying and shouting, "This is for Danielle!! And Eleanor! And Danielle!!!" He is starting to scare me now. He is drenched in blood from his constant stabbing, which is causing blood to splash all over him. I say to him, "Li. I think it's time to stop. She's dead now." He stabs her one last time really hard in her heart and leaves the knife in the corpse. He gets up and helps Louis carry Niall's torso. Liam looks as if he is guilty now. Liam opens his mouth and quietly says to Niall, "I'm so sorry lad. It was supposed to be me, not you." Perrie somehow managed to calm Niall down a bit and he said, "I forgive you, you cunt. I just wanna be in a fucking hospital right now." We carry him through the door we came in from. Our car is still parked in the same spot, thank God! I ask, "Lou? You still got the keys??" He searches through his pockets and he doesn't find them. Well that's just great! "Hurry the fuck up guys!! It hurts!!!" Perrie tries the car door and it's unlocked. Phew! We carefully set Niall down in the back. I can tell he's starting to get tired. Now how do we get the car to work? I ask, "Anyone know how to hot wire a car?" And instantly Harry's hand shot up. Da fuq? Harry knows how?? Umm oh well. Harry sprints to the driver's seat and does his magic. Within a few minutes the car is started and he's driving down the road we came from. I look back to Niall and he's starting to drift off. And there is a lot of blood. A lot.
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