I woke up with a massive headache. What happened last night after our concert? Woah! Where am I?! I know for a fact that this is NOT my hotel. I hear some footsteps and I start to tremble uncontrollably. Who is that?! I pretend that I'm sleeping. I hear a female voice say, "...I know your not sleeping." I open my eyes to find a girl smirking.


34. Louis's Point Of View

I wake up and I see Harry peeking into the room across from Niall. Perrie's room. I decide to follow him, because honestly, I'm bored out of my mind. He notices me and silently scoots over so I can see in too. I look in and see Perrie lying unconscious with two bags of blood next to her. Now, I'm no expert in phlebotomy, but I thought you could only give one bag of blood max? And isn't she supposed to still be awake? Harry thinks this too, I guess, because he looks at me confusedly, waiting for an answer. I shrug my shoulders at him. We both try to get a better look at what else is in the room, but we accidently lean too far and fall in the room. Oh great. I gaze up to see a very irritated doctor tapping his foot. Harry is gaping for words, so I might as well explain ourselves. "We were just wondering what was taking her so long. But why is there TWO bags of blood and why is she passed out??" We stand up off the floor. The doctor glances at Perrie before answering me, "After hearing about Niall, she knew that he needs more blood than just one bag. She insisted. She said that if I wouldn't take more of her blood, that she would take it herself. Which is dangerous and ludicrous! So I took her blood. Enough to save him. Niall will be extremely thankful if he makes it!" I look back to Perrie and see how pale she is. Well, more than usual. Harry asks, "Will she be okay?" The doctor laughs, "Oh yes!  She will wake up in about an hour or less. No need to worry." He grabs the blood bags. "but if you don't mind. I need to go and deliver these to Niall." And with that, he exits the room swiftly. We're about to leave too, but Harry thinks that we shouldn't just leave Perrie alone, so we call in a nurse to watch her. I feel bad for asking a nurse, at a busy hospital, to just WATCH her, but he seems very eager to do it. And he's definitely new, so maybe the real reason is because the others wouldn't let him help. But oh well, if he wants to, he can. As we pass Niall's room, I peek in. But all I can see is the back of three surgeons. We go sit in our original seats and Liam and Zayn are fast asleep on each other's shoulders. I reach for my phone to take a picture, but I remember that Ocean took it... Wait a minute. We all rushed Niall here so fast that we never even called the cops!! Or our manager! And that we left the car stranded in the middle of traffic!!! I decide to call our manager, Paul, first because he can have someone take care of the car and bring us food. The perks of being famous, having food deliverers and car picker uper's. Ha. I go up to the desk and ask to use the phone. She grabs a towelette and wipes off the phone before handing it to me. Well, I see how it is! I'm not going to give you cooties!! God it's just a phone! I dial in Paul's number and he answers on the first ring. I say, "Hello?" I nearly drop the phone out of shock because on his side of the line, everyone is going crazy. "Paul? Paul. PAUL! Calm down! I'm fine. We're all fine, besides Niall... But don't worry!! He's in surgery as we speak. But I called to tell you that we ditched our car in the middle of the street and need you to pick it up, please? And I'm STARVING!! I haven't eaten in like TWO days. Literally. So will you please get us some Nando's?" Paul starts cracking up then stops, "OH we are going to have a SERIOUS talk when I get there, in your van, with Nando's." I tell him the hospital that we're at and he says that he'll be here soon. I hang up and put the phone back. She picks it up and wipes it again then sets it back down. Wow lady. I go back to my seat and decide on how I'm going to explain this story to Paul.
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