I woke up with a massive headache. What happened last night after our concert? Woah! Where am I?! I know for a fact that this is NOT my hotel. I hear some footsteps and I start to tremble uncontrollably. Who is that?! I pretend that I'm sleeping. I hear a female voice say, "...I know your not sleeping." I open my eyes to find a girl smirking.


35. Liam's Point Of View

I'm slumping down in my chair, calmly chatting away with Zayn, when I see a shadow flicker across the empty hallway. I steady my focus on the hallway and hear what sounds like hushed screams. It made the hair on my arms stand straight up. What was that?? Then all of a sudden, someone came around the back bend of the hallway. It's too dark to tell who it is, but it appears like they have something in their hand. I can't tell what it is, but whoever it is, came from the screams. It looks like it's a girl, but I can't really tell because of the darkness. She's getting closer, dragging the object on the floor, making a chalkboard scratching noise. I got chills. This is starting to creep me out... A nurse suddenly comes from a nearby door, walking in front of her. But before the nurse can even cross the hall, she raises the object, bringing in down on the nurse's neck. The nurse collaspes in two pieces. What!? I turn, terrified to Zayn, to see if he just saw this. Zayn is sitting there with blood heavily dripping from a deep slit in his throat, obviously dead. Oh my God!! NO. I look at Louis and Harry. Same thing, I'm surrounded in a pool of dark, moist blood. NOOOO!!! I look back to the figure as she steps into the dim light omitting from the Niall and Perrie's rooms. But it's not just some 'girl'... It's her. It's the girl who has ruined my life. Who tore me away from people I loved and cared about. The girl approaching me is Kendra. And in her hand is a bloody axe. She is now only a couple feet of away from me as she cocks her head to the side and grins. "Did you miss me Liam??"
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