I woke up with a massive headache. What happened last night after our concert? Woah! Where am I?! I know for a fact that this is NOT my hotel. I hear some footsteps and I start to tremble uncontrollably. Who is that?! I pretend that I'm sleeping. I hear a female voice say, "...I know your not sleeping." I open my eyes to find a girl smirking.


29. Liam's Point Of View

We all froze. Footsteps. Niall got back in his ninja pose. I listen as closely as possible. I hear... dragging? The footsteps get fainter and fainter and so does the dragging. What was that?? No one moves or says anything until I whisper to Zayn, "Where... um did you leave the... body?" And I'm not the only one obviously panicking. Harry and Louis are hugging and crying. Zayn and Perrie look determined. And I have NO idea what's up with Niall right now. He has had a blank look on his face for five minutes now. Zayn nervously runs his fingers through his blonde quiff before saying, "...On the stairs." Oh God!! Did Ocean drag her down...? Someone needs to check... I whisper, "Should I go check?" But before they answer I make my way to stairs. I peer down. Nothing but a pile of blood that trails down. Entrails. Ew. But no, it's just blood, thank God. I feel something touch my shoulder and I jump to see Zayn holding me back. Phew, it's just Zayn. The rest of them gather around me and look down. I take a step down the stairs and it sqeaks. I cringe at how loud it was. I hear a door open and close below. Is someone going in or out?! I take two more steps down but I feel a small hand on my shoulder, stopping me. I turn and Perrie hands me a bloody kitchen knife. I take it and carefully wipe Kendra's blood off on my tee shirt. I take a few more steps and someone stops me. Again. I turn and they all give me a group hug. I get to the step above all the blood and I feel another hand on my shoulder. "GUYS!! Just let me do this!" Uh oh!! I just yelled... I cautiously go down another step and walk around the bend to see Ocean at the bottom. With a gun in her hand. The others quickly get to where I am and see her too. "Get back to your rooms! RIGHT NOW!!" I know that I'm the 'responsible' one, but not if it means saving my friends! There is only five stairs left between me with my knife and Ocean with her gun. Everyone is frozen solid behind me. I take a step back, point up my knife, and leap at her.
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