I woke up with a massive headache. What happened last night after our concert? Woah! Where am I?! I know for a fact that this is NOT my hotel. I hear some footsteps and I start to tremble uncontrollably. Who is that?! I pretend that I'm sleeping. I hear a female voice say, "...I know your not sleeping." I open my eyes to find a girl smirking.


5. Liam's Point Of View

I drop my head and listen to Louis talking,"Kendra, why are we here?" "Because I love you both, silly!" I think Louis is getting irritated now,"Kendra! We need to go home! To the boys, our family, and our girlfriends!" I hear her burst into a fit of laughter,"What girlfriends?" Louis's voice is now real angry,"Elenor and Danielle!!" Again she starts laughing, this time it's more sinister,"Ohh... I took care of THEM..." Oh God!! What did she do to my Danielle?! I hear Louis screaming at her,"DON'T TOUCH MY ELENOR!!" I can't stand this any longer,"OR MY DANIELLE!!" Now I can tell she is angry that I stood up for my girlfriend. She calmly says to us,"It's already to late..." Then she drags out a huge bag from underneath the stairs. She slowly opens it and reveals to us two limp, lifeless bodies. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" But it is too late. Before me lies a dead Danielle and a dead Elenor.
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