Don't Worry

When Liam and Sierra meet on their flight to London, both cannot deny their immediate attraction. Liam has just suffered a nasty breakup with Danielle & seeks refuge in Sierra. However, will Sierra's dark past make it impossible for her to love?

Liam/OFC, Larry Stylinson, Niall/OFC, Zayn/well, Zayn's in the shit.


2. Chapter Two


Sierra’s POV

I pulled up at the airport and left the keys under the wheel like I’d promised my mother. I hauled my suitcase to the check in desk, dropped off my suitcase and took my boarding pass. I had 10 minutes until the flight left, so I sprinted across the airport to the terminal.

                ‘What the fuck…’ I muttered quietly. There were hundreds of screaming girls. Please don’t tell me there’s some arrogant celebrity on my flight I thought to myself. God, who could it be? They’re girls so I’d be willing to bet that it was some teen idol, maybe Bieber? I stretched up onto my tip-toes to see if I could get a better look. Nope. Ah well, I’ll just have to push through these girls. I had a flight to catch, and I was not missing my chance to escape this place because of some screaming kids. I pushed through the throng and made it to the ticket check. I presented my boarding pass, and was pleasantly surprised when the ticket man declared that I’d been upgraded to first class. Apparently, my mother had left me one last surprise to send me on my way. I smiled at the thought, thanked the ticket man, and made my way to my seat. The cabin was empty at this stage so I settled myself into the window seat, and curled up and pulled out my iPhone. I sent a few quick goodbye texts to my closest friends, Kalia and Tara, and my mother. I then switched on some Bruno Mars to take me away. I was just about to close my eyes and try to get some sleep (It was 4.30AM after all) when a group of 4 nice looking guys around my age trooped into the cabin. One with chocolate brown hair and broken looking brown eyes looked at his ticket and laughed to the others.

                ‘Hey lads look, my seat is 1D’ he smiled, for a second the broken look leaving his eyes. The other guys broke into laughter and found their seats. ‘I think I’m sitting next to you love.’ He looked at me, his eyes back to their pained expression. His accent was enough to make me melt. After living with those Italians for six months I’d gotten pretty good at deciphering accents.

                ‘Yeah no problem.’ I smiled at him warmly. This boy looked upset, and it’d always kind of been my thing to try to make people feel better. It turned into a specialty after seeing how torn apart my mother was when I returned from my last trip. ‘Need a hand with any of your stuff?’ I offered politely. I could feel the other boy’s eyes on me curiously, like they were judging how I was going to react to them. Well, yes they were attractive but their attitude like I should know who they were rubbed me the wrong way.

                ‘I got it,’ he replied ‘But thanks.’ He stowed his bag away and sat down next to me. I plugged my headphones back into my ears and cranked the Bruno up. He looked over at my iPhone and smirked. I pulled a plug out of my ear.

                ‘Got something to say, mate?’ I arched an eyebrow at him. As a New Zealander, I tended to keep to myself, particularly concerning some strange guys I didn’t know. But he seemed intent on making acquaintances. Fair enough I thought. I mean we were going to be sitting together for the next day and a bit.

                ‘Oh nothing, it’s just that we’ve always wanted to collaborate with Bruno.’ the guy quipped.

Collaborate? What on earth is this boy talking about? I wondered. Then it clicked the news reports on a famous boyband currently visiting the country, the screaming girls at the airport, the four boys who didn’t look related travelling together in first class, the 1D joke, Shit I realized. I happened to be sitting next to a member of the biggest boyband in the world, One Direction. Tara was obsessed with these boys; she was always going about the five of them as if she was engaged to each of them. I froze momentarily, and the guy sitting next to me noticed, his demeanour becoming wary. I knew of them vaguely, I’d heard their song What Makes You Beautiful played over and over again on the radio. I didn’t really know anything else about them though. I realized he was waiting for me to respond.

                ‘Oh cool.’ I muttered dumbly. ‘You guys must be that big boyband that was on the news right?’ I asked. They each looked at me kinda stunned, like they were surprised that I didn’t know who they were.

                ‘Yup, we’re One Direction’ the blond one smiled at me, his Irish accent intoxicatingly inviting. I couldn’t help but smile back. ‘I’m Niall, the one sitting next to you is Liam and the two lovebirds over there are Harry with the curly hair’- Harry looked over at me and winked seductively- ‘and Louis with the sailor’s getup, but they’re otherwise known as Larry Stylinson.’ Niall introduced everyone with a flourish. Liam looked at me and smiled weakly.

                ‘I’m Sierra.’ I quipped

                ‘Hi’ Liam murmured quietly. Something was definitely up with this guy. I smiled brightly back at them all, without being too enthusiastic. I now understood why they were wary of me. I imagined Tara sitting next to me on this flight, and knew she’d be freaking out. I however, couldn’t care less if they were famous or not. They seemed nice.

                ‘Well, it’s nice to meet you all.’ I replied. ‘This explains the crowds of screaming girls back at the airport then right?’

                ‘Yeah pretty much’ Liam answered, gazing out of the window.

                ‘Wait, my friend is obsessed with you guys. She always talks about you as a group of five. Where’s the fifth? I hope he didn’t get eaten by the fans out there…’ I gestured out the window to the glowing airport, which was rapidly growing smaller as we gained height. The boys froze and glanced at each other nervously, particularly at Liam who abruptly shot up.

                ‘I have to go to the bathroom’ he scuttled off. I arched an eyebrow at the other guys, waiting for an explanation.

                ‘Er, Zayn had to go home about a month ago because while he was on tour in the States with us his grandmother back in England passed away quite unexpectedly. He’s been back there for about a month, emotional support for his olds ya know?’ Louis explained. I got the feeling that he wasn’t letting on the whole story.

                ‘I get the feeling that this is a bad topic to bring up, so I’m gonna drop it’ I let them know.

                ‘Yeah that’s a good idea, try not to bring it up to Liam when he gets back okay?’ Niall asked sweetly. He looked really concerned for his upset friend.

                ‘Why? Was she his grandmother too or something?’ I pushed without realising it.

                ‘Nah love, it was something Zayn did when he was at home that’s got Liam all torn up.’ Harry said quickly. ‘But like Niall said, we wouldn’t be good friends if we went around telling strangers Liam’s private business. If he wants to tell you, he will. I get the feeling that he likes you. He hasn’t spoken to anyone outside of the band and management for the last few weeks, let alone made a joke.’ Harry thought aloud.

I decided to drop it, Liam seemed really torn up and if I was helping him in any way then I didn’t want to compromise that by being nosy.

                ‘So where are you off too, love?’ Louis spun around in his seat so he was facing me.

                ‘I’m going to London for this year to study performing arts at University of the Arts London.’ I answered politely. ‘What about you guys? Where in the world is One Direction jetting off to now?’

                ‘We’re going home to England to have a little break for a bit. With the whole Zayn Liam tension, we’re not exactly good to perform. But at least this was a scheduled break, so the fans wont get suspicious that we’re breaking up or anything’ Niall answered, a dark look on his face. At this point, Liam returned.

                ‘Who said anything about breaking up?’ Liam asked angrily.

                ‘Nobody mate, we’re just saying that it’s a scheduled break when we get home. Say, since we’ll have some free time on our hands, do you want us to show you around London?’ Louis grinned.

                ‘Sure, that’d be really helpful. Thanks heaps for offering!’ I smiled brightly at Louis. Harry glanced over at us with a weird expression on his face. Liam too looked kind of wary of Louis’s suggestion. Woah I thought. If they don’t want me around that’s okay, totally understandable too I guess. I mean who would want me tagging around after them in London? I decided then that me hanging out with One Direction may be a bad idea.

                ‘I think I’m gonna try to sleep now guys. I’m kind of tired.’ I yawned sleepily.

                ‘Fair call, love. We wouldn’t want to keep you up now.’ Liam smiled at me warmly; this time the smile reached up and touched his eyes. I fluffed up my pillow and rested it against the window, plugging my headphones back in, I fell asleep to the sweet sound of a Bruno Mars lullaby.


Liam’s POV

Once Sierra had fallen asleep, I looked over at the other guys who were all staring at me expectantly.

                ‘What?’ I challenged them all. I didn’t like the way they were looking at me. I felt almost relaxed for the first time in a few days. For the half an hour we spoke to Sierra, I felt a stirring of feeling in my stomach muscles that I hadn’t felt since before Danielle called me. The lads’ staring at me like that made me nervous, and started erasing the almost happiness that Sierra had awoken in me.

                ‘Liam, you looked almost happy talking to that girl!’ Lou screeched, flapping his arms around excitedly. Harry put his arm around Louis possessively, like he was worried that his BooBear was interested in Sierra. Silly Harry couldn’t see that at least the person he loved only had eyes for him. I wish I could say the same for Danielle.

                ‘She seems nice’ I shrugged them off. If I let onto Louis that he was right and this girl had almost made me happy, he’d harass her into hanging out with us in a bid to make me happy. Whilst that approach probably would work, I wouldn’t want to expose Sierra to the paparazzi and fans like that. If that fans thought that I was with Sierra (which they would if there was even a single photograph of us together) then they’d either think I was a cheating asshole, and Sierra was the wedge between me and Danielle or they’d figure out the whole Danielle Zayn thing which I was completely not prepared to publicize yet. Either way, there would be some nasty fan hate (or love, depending on which way you looked at it) going around.

                ‘Nice? NICE?!’ Niall stared at me like I was crazy. ‘She’s a beautiful girl, who seemed interested in cheering you up. She’s not going to start fangirling over you like the majority of girls her age on this planet would. I say you should get to know her better Liam.’

                ‘You’re right, but I don’t want to expose her to the paps and fans like that. She seems nice; involving her in our crazy life would only end in hurt. Particularly when I’m still publicly linked to Danielle.’ I shot back. They didn’t understand the risks that getting girls involved in our lives posed, particularly since they were all innocent in the women department. I mean Louis and Harry had each other, which alone was a bit of a conquest, but at least they’re both famous.  ‘Look I’m going to get some sleep now too, something you should all consider doing. I’m going to do a radio interview in the morning okay? I need to announce mine and Danielle’s split, but I’ll keep Zayn out of it. That way if I am sighted with any girl, not just Sierra, I won’t get some horrible reputation as the cheater.’ The boys looked at each other shocked, but they decided to not pursue it for now. I mimicked Sierra’s actions in fluffing up my pillow. I glanced out the window, sneaking a peek at her too, but between the beauty of the New Zealand sunrise and the peaceful expression on Sierra’s sleeping face, I couldn’t decide which one was more stunning.

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