Don't Worry

When Liam and Sierra meet on their flight to London, both cannot deny their immediate attraction. Liam has just suffered a nasty breakup with Danielle & seeks refuge in Sierra. However, will Sierra's dark past make it impossible for her to love?

Liam/OFC, Larry Stylinson, Niall/OFC, Zayn/well, Zayn's in the shit.


3. Chapter Three


Sierra’s POV

It was the second nap I’d taken on the flight. Before I fell asleep again I’d gotten to know Liam and the boys better as they educated me on their X-Factor experiences and world tours. Liam had seemed really engaged, which was a good thought. I’d been lucky enough to glimpse a couple of smiles from him that were untouched by his internal grief. I opened my eyes sleepily and took in my surroundings. The air hostess was announcing over the intercom that we would be descending into London in approximately 30 minutes. Harry was all snuggled up to Louis, and Niall was inhaling the free in-flight meal like it would be his last. I glanced out the window and was instantly glad that I’d grabbed my winter jacket as it was absolutely pissing down raining, but lacked the turbulence that the Wellington wind I was so used to often brought. I then turned my head slightly to look at Liam. I was curled up into his chest and he had his arm around me, snoring lightly. He looked so peaceful and happy that I didn’t want to wake him up, but I was also uncomfortable with the idea that I was cuddled up with a complete stranger. I tried to wiggle out of his grasp without waking him up, but I accidentally jolted his arm that was holding me, waking him up.

                ‘Shit, sorry Sierra. I didn’t mean to… er…’ he muttered incoherently.

                ‘Don’t mention it. It’s fine.’ I whispered, untangling myself from him. He smiled at me warmly, and I got a glimpse of the unbroken Liam, before he remembered whatever happened that broke him in the first place. The sweet smile on his face melted into a grimace and he looked away, tearing his brown eyes from my green. A sudden surge of emotions in me to help this poor broken boy overwhelmed me and the uncharacteristic boldness I tried to comfort him.

                ‘Look, I want you to know that whatever you’re going through I promise you it will get better. And while that is the most useless bit of information I can give you, I never break a promise. Whatever happened with you, I’m sure you didn’t deserve it. You’ll get through it, and you’ve got some amazing band members to help you through it. If you want, I’m here for you too.’ I whispered to him quietly so the other band members wouldn’t hear. He swallowed and took a deep breath and faced me again. The look of absolute despair in his eyes was heart breaking. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and exhaled, beginning his story.

                ‘I don’t want to burden you with this Sierra, but you make me feel like I can trust you. And believe me, with all the fake friends in this life you begin to easily tell the well meaning friends from the ones who just want a piece of you to sell to the tabloids.’

                ‘I want you to feel like you can trust me. I want to help you Liam. I hate seeing people broken how you are.’ I reassured him.

                ‘I know, and that’s why I’m going to tell you what happened.

                                ‘I was with this girl, Danielle for 2 years. Everything was brilliant between us, in fact I recall telling a reporter that I would like to settle down with her one day.’ Liam chuckled to himself, before remembering what he was talking about, and the dark look resumed on his beautiful features.

                ‘Anyway, she stayed behind while we went on tour. I always thought I could trust her, and I never once worried that she’d cheat on me, let alone with Zayn.’ I took in a breath sharply. My instincts had told me this is where the story was going, but hearing it from Liam, seeing the anguish in his eyes as he recounted how one of his best friends and bandmates had betrayed him, was painful to watch. I reached out my arm to wipe the tears off his face, and wrapped my arms around him.

                ‘When he went home to go to his grandmother’s funeral, he got with Danielle. She called me the next morning crying saying she had cheated on me. I freaked out and hung up on her. I haven’t heard from either of them since’ Liam sobbed choking on his words. I squeezed him in a tight hug and whispered soothing things as his body, racked with sobs, collapsed into my arms. I got the feeling that he hadn’t broken down to Niall, Louis or Harry like this. A good cry would be good for him, so I just let him cry for a bit then I sat him up and wiped his face. His brown eyes gazed into my green eyes for a solid five minutes.

                ‘Liam, I’m so sorry for what happened to you. You didn’t deserve it. Nobody deserves that. Everything’s going to be alright. You’ve got a world full of people who care about you, your fans, your family, your bandmates and I care about you now too.’ I smiled at him, attempting to cheer him up. He returned the smile weakly. ‘We’re going to help you get through this. Everything’s going to be alright.’

                ‘Thanks Sierra, honestly you must think I’m nuts though. Random internationally famous boyband member starts crying on you telling you his life story. I swear I’m not usually this emotionally unstable’ he laughed at himself.

                ‘It’s fine’ I giggled ‘Believe me when I say I’ve had to deal with a lot worse. I don’t mind at all, so don’t you worry about that at all.’ He smiled at me, one of those rare beautiful smiles that touch his eyes. I smiled back and that’s when I noticed all the other Louis and Niall staring at us, smirking at each other like “I told you so”. I rolled my eyes at them and Liam sprung up again.

                ‘I need to go sort some things out, I’ll be right back.’ and once again he left the cabin.

Niall and Louis were staring at me expectantly.

                ‘Spill.’ They demanded in unison. I glanced over at Harry, who was acting totally unaffected and disinterested by the whole thing.

                ‘Er, nothing that you guys don’t already know.’ I muttered, nervous under their gaze.

                ‘I haven’t seen him smile like that since before Danielle called him!’ Louis squeaked. He stuffed a bit of paper into my hand. ‘That’s my number. Text me or call me once you’re settled in at uni and we can show you around. You said you’re studying performing arts right?’

                ‘Yup, that’s what I said.’

                ‘Great, if you want the world’s biggest boyband to tutor you, then we’ve got things to discuss.’ Louis winked at me and Harry quickly wrapped his arm around him and pulled him back down into his seat. Niall rolled his eyes at them in a way that said it was typical for Harry to get jealous when Louis interacted with girls. Liam re-entered the cabin and plopped himself down next to me just as the ‘SEATBELTS ON’ light started flashing. Liam reached over and held my hand as together we descended into London, and the beginnings of our new lives. 

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