Don't Worry

When Liam and Sierra meet on their flight to London, both cannot deny their immediate attraction. Liam has just suffered a nasty breakup with Danielle & seeks refuge in Sierra. However, will Sierra's dark past make it impossible for her to love?

Liam/OFC, Larry Stylinson, Niall/OFC, Zayn/well, Zayn's in the shit.


10. Chapter Ten


Liam’s POV


I couldn’t get my mind off Sierra after I dropped her off. Everything about her appealed to me, even her blonde hair (I usually prefer brunettes). The way her eyes sparkled, the way she could make the snakes in my stomach turn to butterflies, how she seemed so intent on fixing me that she’d masked the fact that she too was broken. I was so preoccupied thinking about Sierra that I didn’t even notice Danielle’s car parked out the front of my apartment. My phone beeped, and a text from Niall warning me of her appearance alerted me to her presence. My eyes narrowed automatically. The last thing I wanted to ruin my newfound happiness was her. But God, when I saw her I swear my stomach dropped. She still looked as gorgeous as ever and I was terrified to find my old feelings for her returning. She smiled at me weakly.

                ‘Hello Liam’ she said, her voice catching on my name.

                ‘Danielle.’ I nodded in acknowledgement. ‘What are you doing here?’

                ‘I wanted to talk.’ she squeaked. I was freaking out, to put it mildly.

                ‘Now’s not a good time, Danielle.’ I sighed, trying to act disinterested in her.

                ‘Please Liam, I just, I need to. Please?’ she begged. Her voice had such an effect on me. I bit my lip nervously, waiting for her to continue. She didn’t deserve it, but I wanted to hear her out.

                ‘Liam, I miss you. I’m so sorry. I just don’t even know what to say to make you forgive me. When you announced our split, I was torn apart. You were probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. To think that I lost you over something so stupid and accidental is something I can’t even bear to think about. Then I see you and some pretty blonde on the covers of magazines and I broke. I miss you so much Liam, baby. I miss us.’ she wiped the tears off her face, as they rolled down her cheeks and onto her lips. ‘Please, give me another chance. We can make this work.’  I looked at her blankly, my brain in a state of shock. I couldn’t even process what she was saying. I didn’t think this could ever work, trust was a hard thing to regain. The damage she’d done was so beyond fixing, and then I remembered Sierra. Sierra was trying to fix me. Danielle had broken me. She’d break me again, and Sierra would be left with the pieces. I couldn’t do that to her over someone who had fucked me up in the first place.

                ‘No.’ I spat at her, my voice full of all the venom and hate that she’d caused.

                ‘Please baby, please!’ she begged. Then she reached up and crashed her lips against mine, salty from her tears. There was a flash, and as soon as she’d forced herself on me I forced her off.

                ‘Danielle, leave.’ I commanded.

I then ran up my steps into my apartment and Niall was on the balcony. He’d likely seen the whole thing. I groaned when I saw Danielle in her car crying against her steering wheel. There were some fans around, but they weren’t approaching her. In fact they looked kind of like they pitied her. I shut the curtains to avoid the screaming that may ensue if they noticed me and Niall standing up there. Niall pulled me into a quick hug and muttered in my ear ‘It’ll be alright mate.’ I sobbed into his shoulder, reeling from what had just happened. My grandfather clock chimed twelve and I stepped back abruptly, I had lunch with my mum, Nicole and Ruth soon. Niall wiped the tears off my face and his shoulder. He steered me to the bathroom to have a shower. The second the hot water touched my shoulders, I let it wash away all my worries. Don’t worry about it Sierra was always saying. I took her advice and relaxed my muscles. I let out a deep sigh and stepped out of the shower and put my brave face on. I was actually looking forward to seeing my family again today, and now Danielle had ruined that too. I wouldn’t let her win, I was going to go have a good time. I smiled at myself in the mirror, trying to convince myself that I was fine.





Sierra’s POV


I hadn’t even unlocked the door to my apartment when Lea came rushing out of her apartment waving the same magazine that Niall had shown Liam and I last night.

                ‘You’re seeing Liam from One Direction?’ she squeaked

                ‘Err, I don’t know. Sort of, I guess. We’ve hung out a few times. He’s a good guy.’ I reacted defensively; her tone was freaking me out. She surveyed me carefully to check that I was genuine.

                ‘Sierra, you’re on the covers of magazines! He only just broke up with his girlfriend apparently. They’re saying you’re just a pretty rebound for him. Is that true?’

                ‘I don’t know. All I know is that his last girlfriend fucked him over pretty bad, and I’m trying to help him get over her. They broke up a month or so ago and he’s still pretty screwed up from it. I just want to help him.’

                ‘By being his pretty rebound?’

                ‘I don’t know Lea! Seriously, I just want him to be happy. I like being around him, he makes me feel safe too.’ I smiled at his concern for me this morning.

                ‘Well the fans got pretty attached to Danielle. They were together for two-three years. They’re gonna think you’re the reason they broke up. You’re going to be the victim of some pretty malicious hate.’ she warned me. ‘Have you been online?’ she asked gently

                ‘Nope, not since I got here. My internet hasn’t been set up yet.’ I replied warily. She was right, I hadn’t even considered what kind of messages I’d be getting online since I’d been spotted with Liam. But how would they know my name? I’d only been photographed with him once. They might not know my identity yet.

                ‘Come over to mine, you can use my internet to check your Facebook and Twitter and all that.’

We went into her apartment which looked a lot like mine, just a bit darker, and I logged onto Facebook warily. I sighed in relief, 5 notifications and 1 friend request, nothing out of the ordinary.

                ‘Nobody knows it’s me yet.’ I breathed to Lea. ‘Except for you and a friend of mine back home who loves One Direction.’

                ‘Well, if you want to keep it that way then you should stop seeing him.’ Lea advised.

                ‘Why?’ I challenged. I’d bloody keep seeing Liam if I wanted to. I wasn’t scared of some online hate, I’d dealt with the physical kind for years and years. I knew better than anyone that words weren’t anything without actions.

                ‘You’re going to face bullying like never before if you’re seen with him again and they figure out who you are.’ she warned.

                ‘Honestly Lea. I don’t care what people think. If I make Liam happy, then his fans should be happy for him too. Danielle fucked him up, and I think they’ll appreciate someone trying to help him through that.’ I shot back.

                ‘Whatever you say Sierra. I’m just trying to warn you.’ she smiled weakly, and I instantly felt bad for being a bit of a bitch.

                ‘No thank you for warning me. I just think I know what I’m getting myself into and I can handle it. I’m stronger than I look you know.’ I smiled back at her.

                ‘We should probably get going, I still need to get some of the clothes for that 100 level dance paper we’re taking.’ Lea changed the subject. We started to head out the door, and suddenly Chase popped up.

                ‘You have a boyfriend Sierra?’ he asked. He looked kind of upset. He was 15, four years younger than my 19 and I hadn’t even considered he’d be interested in me.

                ‘Er, not really. But I am seeing someone, kind of.’ I stumbled on the words, not sure what I had with Liam and how to define it.

                ‘Oh.’ he stammered, put out.

                ‘Well, we better get going.’ Lea interrupted, obviously uncomfortable. ‘I’ll be home in a couple of hours Chase. Can you get dinner started?’

                ‘Yeah. Whatever.’ he mumbled.  We walked out of the apartment, away from the awkward silence that ensued. We jumped in Lea’s car and sped off to the shops. Lea laughed at my awkward behaviour. I sat in the passenger seat fidgeting with my bracelet embarrassedly.

                ‘Well that was freaking hilarious’ she laughed, ‘My little brother has a crush on you. Too cute!’

                ‘It was awkward! I feel bad. I probably hurt his feelings.’ I groaned

                ‘Don’t flatter yourself honey, he’ll be onto some new girl next week.’ Lea grinned at me.

                ‘I hope so!’ I cringed. We pulled up into a park near the shops that Lea wanted to look in. A thought struck me.

                ‘How come Chase lives with you anyway?’ I asked slowly. I kinda sensed that her parents were a sensitive topic and if anyone knew about rough family life I did.

                ‘Oh, our dad is a multi-millionaire asshole who doesn’t have time for us. He pays our rent, bills, food, school tuition and all that. But he won’t pay us any attention whatsoever. He told me if I let Chase move in he’d pay for university for me. Our mum lives in Sweden so living with her wasn’t really an option.’ Lea explained with a wave of dismissal. ‘What about you Miss-I’m-from-New-Zealand-and-I-Don’t-Tell-Anyone-Anything-About-Myself? If we’re going to be friends I need to know that you’re not some kind of psycho serial killer hick from the Southern hemisphere.’ She matched my inquisition evenly.

                ‘Oh well um I live with my mum and her new boyfriend Carl. He’s nice, definitely beats the last asshole she married.’ I understated gently. I wasn’t willing to have this conversation with Lea yet.

                ‘Nice. What about your dad?’ she continued

                ‘My dad died when I was five years old. He worked as a lawyer in the city central. Unfortunately his office building was on the waterfront and he couldn’t swim. I don’t know how he ended up in the water, but one thing led to another and you know…’ I trailed off, uncomfortable with stating the fact that he was dead aloud. I know, he’s been dead for 14 years but I was still struggling with the idea that I’d never see him again. Sad, yeah. But don’t judge me until you’ve lost a parent yourself.

                ‘Oh, I’m so sorry Sierra. I wouldn’t have asked…’ Lea responded uncomfortably.

                ‘Nah it’s okay. I would’ve told you sooner or later.’ I shrugged it off like I didn’t care. ‘So who does your dad work for anyway?’ I asked

                ‘Er my dad is the chairman of the De Beers diamond mining company. Nicky Oppenheimer? I don’t know if you’ve heard of him. Anyways he’s pretty loaded, to put it mildly and he’s constantly jetting between South Africa, the U.S and here so we never see him. We’re kind of erased from the public record. Which is how we like it, coz who knows what kind of bad publicity my weekend endeavours would earn him.’ she explained with a cheeky grin.

                ‘Wow, diamond mining? Sounds like he’s got more money than sense if he doesn’t spend enough of his time with you.’ I quipped. I had deep trust issues with father figures and the thought that a man with the capability to spend time with his daughter wouldn’t enraged me. I didn’t want to let that on to Lea though so I dropped the subject and we spent the rest of the day shopping in general non invasive chit chat. Exactly the way I liked it.


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