Don't Worry

When Liam and Sierra meet on their flight to London, both cannot deny their immediate attraction. Liam has just suffered a nasty breakup with Danielle & seeks refuge in Sierra. However, will Sierra's dark past make it impossible for her to love?

Liam/OFC, Larry Stylinson, Niall/OFC, Zayn/well, Zayn's in the shit.


1. Chapter One


Sierra’s POV

I opened my eyes and stretched my arms out, stifling a big yawn as I glanced over at my alarm clock as it screeched at me blaringly. It read 3:32AM

‘Shit’ I mumbled incoherently to myself. Today was the day, and I was supposed to be at the airport in an hour.

                ‘Sierra?’ My mother knocked on my door lightly pushing it open allowing the hallway light to spill into my room and onto my face. ‘Honey, you’ve gotta get up. You don’t want to miss your flight now do you?’

Her words caused me to jolt upright in my bed. She was right, I was flying to London in an hour and I was due to check into the airport.

                ‘Shit!’ This time I flew out of my bed and quickly pulled on some beige skinny jeans and a white chiffon button up blouse. It was summer here in New Zealand, but it was almost guaranteed to be raining in wintry London so I had purposely left a navy winter jacket out of my luggage. I pulled a comb through my long wavy blonde mess of hair and quickly applied a thin coat of foundation to my tanned face. A swipe of mascara over the eyelashes framing my green eyes and I was ready to go. I looked in the mirror and sighed, never happy with my appearance. Oh well I thought to myself I’m only travelling today, not like I’ll be trying to impress anyone. I decided to do one last suitcase check before grabbing my carry on luggage and slipping my Vans on.

                ‘Mum?’ I called, dragging my heavy suitcase out of my room and down the stairs. ‘I’m taking the car now, but I’ll leave the keys under the left rear wheel for you to pick it up later okay?’ I dropped my suitcase at the front door and ran back up the stairs to say goodbye to my mother. She was in her room, tears shining in her green eyes, the same eyes that I had inherited.

                ‘Aw mum, don’t be like that. I’ve gone before, this time I’ll be able to afford to come home for visits on semester breaks. Italy was different.’ I soothed my mother. Two years ago I had flown out to Italy for six months by myself for an exchange trip. My mum hadn’t really coped well to say the least, but that was because she’d just divorced the asshole that was now no longer the ‘evil stepfather’ to me. Now he was just the asshole that pushed my mother into drugs, before ripping her off taking all her money, getting her fired from her job, and threatening me both physically and emotionally. She was doing okay now, and this time I didn’t feel as guilty for leaving my mum, my best friend. She’d found someone else and he seemed to do a better job at looking after her than I did.

                ‘It’s okay baby, I’m fine. I’m just going to miss you so much!’ the tears started spilling down her cheeks. I wiped them away and gave her one final hug.

                ‘I don’t want to miss my flight mum, but it’ll be much different this time, I promise. I’ll come home on my breaks, and you can come over and visit me any time.’ I squeezed her tightly ‘I gotta go now, I love you!’

                ‘I love you too sweetheart’ And on that note, I walked quietly downstairs, grabbed the keys off the table and tip toed out the door, shutting it and all its old memories behind it. I was ready for a new life, and a new beginning in London.


Liam’s POV

                ‘Come on Liam! Get up!’ Niall yelled at me from across the room. I was just about to mutter some not so pleasant curses at the poor Irish lad, but something large and fluffy hit me in the face before I had the chance.

                ‘Fine!’ I mumbled rolling out of bed, swatting the pillow Niall had just thrown at me away. I managed to get myself halfway standing up when I opened my eyes. I looked around the room at my 3 best friends who were all packing their bags. Harry and Louis were frantically attempting to zip up Harry’s excessively full suitcase, whilst Niall was standing across from me scanning me with calculating eyes. I knew he was just trying to see how I was, I mean the last month had been pretty rough for me, but his gaze was making me fairly uncomfortable so I looked away and started to pack, a mindless process, but exactly what I needed. However going through my belongings, everything seemed to be tied to a memory of at least one of them, if not both. A t-shirt my ex Danielle had bought for me here, a jacket I’d borrowed from my ex best friend Zayn there. Suddenly it was too much and I knew that the prickly feeling behind my eyes meant waterworks, something I felt the boys had had their fair share of painfully witnessing in the last few weeks.

                ‘Er, lads. I’m just gonna-‘I broke my sentence off, the tears threatening to choke my words. ‘I’m just going outside for some air’ I swiftly moved across the room to the balcony that overlooked the midnight Wellington streets. I opened the door, and immediately I was met by screams from the hundreds of dedicated fans, who were still outside the hotel despite it being half three in the morning. Awe hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew that it was for these amazing people, the Directioners, which I had to stay strong for. As horrible as it was that Danielle had cheated on me with Zayn, I didn’t want either of them to be hit with the full force of the Directioners love. If they knew what had happened, they’d proceed to make their lives hell. Mad and upset as I was, I wasn’t prepared to let that happen. I turned away, wiped my tears and faced the fans again. I waved a few times and they sung ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ back to me. If anything made me happy, it was the fans. I try to follow as many as I can on Twitter, but it’s quite hard to keep up with them all. Niall knocked on the window, waving me back inside. I sighed, he was right it was time to pack. I waved goodbye to the fans and went back inside.

Once I was inside Harry came over to me and gave me a quick hug.

                ‘You alright?’ he whispered.

                ‘I will be. I appreciate you guys being here for me through this, lads.’ I smiled at Harry.

                ‘Well, we figured you’d be a little upset! So me and Lou packed your bag.’ Louis gestured over to where my pile of clothes had been and saw that it’d been replaced by my suitcase all zipped up and ready to go. I quickly pulled Louis into the hug too. And then because we didn’t want Niall to feel left out, Louis wrapped an arm around him into the hug too.

                ‘You guys have to be the best friends a lad could ask for. Thank you so much.’ I cried into our hug. They’d look after me and I knew that through the thick and thin, I’d always be there for them too. It just hurt so much to not know where Zayn stood now. I hadn’t heard from him since that horrible call I got from Danielle a few weeks ago. I knew Zayn, well I thought I did, and none of this was like him. A part of me ached that he wasn’t in the hug with us; he was a fifth of us. That was what hurt so much, that I felt as if he was a part of me, someone I could trust. Apparently not.

                ‘Let’s go boys, our flight leaves in half an hour.’ Niall prompted. We broke up the hug and each grabbed our things. Switching off the light before I shut the door to our hotel room, I tried to leave all my dark feelings and bad memories of the last few days behind the door. Holding grudges wasn’t my nature.

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