Don't Worry

When Liam and Sierra meet on their flight to London, both cannot deny their immediate attraction. Liam has just suffered a nasty breakup with Danielle & seeks refuge in Sierra. However, will Sierra's dark past make it impossible for her to love?

Liam/OFC, Larry Stylinson, Niall/OFC, Zayn/well, Zayn's in the shit.


9. Chapter Nine


Sierra’s POV

I was sitting on a cold wooden chair in the school’s office. I played absently with my bracelet that daddy had bought for me a week earlier. The office lady was on the phone with my mother and they were discussing something in hushed tones. I was five years old, and I’d just started school. The office lady came and sat down in front of me, tears in her eyes. Instantly I knew something was wrong. Office ladies don’t cry.

                ‘Sierra, sweetie. Mummy’s going to come and pick you up now.’

                ‘Why?’ I asked

                ‘Something has happened that your mummy needs to talk to you about’ the tears spilled over in her eyes and she walked away hurriedly. A few minutes later and my mum had me bundled into the back of her car and we were driving down the highway, really fast. She pulled up at our favourite spot on the beach. We’d built a hut out of driftwood with daddy the weekend before and I was delighted to see it still standing. I went to run and play with it, squealing excitedly. Mum stopped me though. She sat me down on a stray bit of driftwood and tucked a bit of hair behind my ear. Her eyes were all red and puffy like she’d been crying. I stop trying to play and started worrying. Mummy doesn’t cry.

                ‘Sierra, baby. Something happened with daddy.’ she started. I froze. A girl in my class had told everyone about how something happened to her daddy and she cried all the time.

                ‘No.’ I rejected her statement, unwilling to believe her.

                ‘He’s not coming home baby. He’s gone to live in the stars now, with grandma.’ Mummy cried to me. ‘He’s not coming back’ she wept. I sat unmoving as she cried onto my shoulder. My resolve was unmoving, I did not believe what she said.

                ‘You’re LYING!’ I shouted at mum. Dad was my world, there was no way I could loose him. If he was gone that meant I had nobody to go home and play with, nobody to read out the monster parts in Where The Wild Things Are in the grizzly voice, nobody to cook up pancakes with smiley faces on them. Mum cried harder and I got up and ran away from her. I ran down the beach for miles until I broke down and screamed into the wild surf. The waves crashed angrily down onto the beach and the sun began to set. I screamed and screamed, hoping that someone would wake me up and tell me that everything was a nightmare and that everything was alright. Nobody did though, and I cried into the sand until my mum found me there two hours later and took me home.

Suddenly my dream shifted.

I was curled up in the corner in my room on the cold wooden floor. I had my hands covered over my ears. Mum and Nigel were screaming again. Tears rolled down my face silently. I was seven years old and I knew what alcoholic and addiction meant. This wasn’t anything unusual in my house, not since mum married Nigel anyway. I winced as I heard the slam of my mothers body hitting the wall. Nigel was hitting her again. I knew that I had to move or he’d come in here and start going at me next. I crawled to my wardrobe and buried myself under a cover of jackets and old blankets. My mum was screaming at him to stop, but he didn’t. I could hear each resounding blow on her body, as he relentlessly punched and kicked her until he’d had enough. I wiped the tears out of my eyes and looked down at the bluish bruises all over my arms. There were more, on my stomach and on my legs but I always covered those up. Mum told me I had to wear long sleeved clothes to school. Can’t have them asking questions she’d said, Can’t have them take away my little girl. Nigel grunted to himself, tired of hitting her.

                ‘I’ll be back later, bitch. So don’t you fucking think of leaving this house. You know I’ll find you.’ he slammed the door on his way out. Probably going to the pub, which meant he wouldn’t be home for at least a few hours. I tip toed out of my wardrobe and into my mums room. She was collapsed in a crumpled heap on the floor. Our house was quite nice, pristine and very clean. Mums room was all white and filled with floating gossamer clouds. Her white bedspread was splattered with her blood. Her mouth was bleeding and her eye was swollen shut. She didn’t even notice that I’d entered her room until I rushed to her and curled up at her side, cuddling her. I was so frightened. She was shaking.

                ‘It’s okay baby. This time wasn’t that bad’ she soothed me. I didn’t work. Her words just caused more panic to rise in me.

                ‘Will it happen again?’ I asked innocently.

                ‘I don’t know baby. I don’t know.’ she murmured quietly, more to herself than to me.

Suddenly my dream shifted.

I was sitting on a cold wooden bench in a court room. My hands fidgeted with the bracelet I’d had since I was little from my dad. Mum was facing Nigel at a Domestic Violence Hearing in court. She was finally trying to get rid of him from her life, trying to divorce him. I bit my lip nervously. Nigel was glaring at me coldly, a reminder that if this went his way our lives would be worse than ever. I was sixteen years old and after a decade of abuse, I’d decided enough was enough.

                ‘In the case of Nigel Ugluabano the Crown has ruled ‘GUILTY’ of criminal abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, grievous bodily harm in the third degree and threatening to kill.

                                ‘Nigel Ugluabano is hereby sentenced to four years in prison.’

                                ‘NEXT CASE’

I looked over at my mum. She was wiping tears out of her eyes in joy. She wrapped me up in a big hug and whispered to me ‘We did it baby. We did it.’


I woke up from my dream with a start. Last night before we’d fallen asleep, Liam had put We Once Were Warriors on TV. Now it was repeating itself on the menu. I was curled up next to Liam on his couch, his arms wrapped around me protectively. He was awake, his eyes studying me carefully.

                ‘Are you okay Sierra?’ he asked, worriedly. I wondered what had him so concerned. Then I remembered my dream. Well it was more a re-enactment of my life than a dream. Shit I thought to myself. I knew I sleep talked, I wondered what I’d given away about my fucked up past in my sleep. I tried to shrug it off and act like I didn’t know what he was talking about.

                ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Why’s that?’ I acted nonchalant.

                ‘You were crying in your sleep. I didn’t even know that was possible. Did you have a nightmare?’

                ‘Err, something like that, yeah.’ I mumbled, incapable of lying to him.

                ‘Wanna talk about it?’ he probed gently.

                ‘Maybe later, Liam.’ I snapped and rolled off the couch. ‘I should probably get going’

Liam’s eyes went wide. He backed off, aware that he’d upset me.

                ‘Look sorry. It’s just I don’t like to talk about it. Maybe another time okay?’ I tried to smile and reassure him that I wasn’t mad at him. ‘I’m just going to go home now. I’ve gotta get stuff ready for uni. Oh and I promised Lea I’d go job hunting with her today.’ I glanced at my watch and cursed. I had to meet up with her in an hour and I still had to go home and get changed.

                ‘Let me take you home at least.’ Liam offered sweetly. I smiled back at him, incapable of staying upset. I went back to him and wrapped him up in a big hug. I glanced down at my arms and was glad to see there weren’t any bruises this morning on my arms. Liam made me forget about my worries, my past and my regrets. I sighed happily and stepped back from him.

                ‘Let’s go’. 

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