Don't Worry

When Liam and Sierra meet on their flight to London, both cannot deny their immediate attraction. Liam has just suffered a nasty breakup with Danielle & seeks refuge in Sierra. However, will Sierra's dark past make it impossible for her to love?

Liam/OFC, Larry Stylinson, Niall/OFC, Zayn/well, Zayn's in the shit.


5. Chapter Five


Liam’s POV

I woke up well rested albeit slightly jet lagged. I was already dressed and ready to go out and face the paps. I chugged back a glass of orange juice and took a deep breath before stepping out of the hotel with a security guard on standby. Sometimes the fans can be kind of crazy. The throng of girls outside the hotel was overwhelming as it always is. Being adored by so many people is something I’ll never get used to. The screaming pierced my ear drums and I smiled on at the fans. I signed a couple of albums and posters and even one girl’s boobs, which was kind of weird. I then pushed through the crowd to get to my car. My security guard jumped in, and we drove away quickly down to the BBC radio station’s studio. I knocked on the door, nervous about what I was about to announce. The host looked up and her features widened as surprise registered on her face.

                ‘Liam Payne! What a surprise folks, we have 1/5th of the world’s hottest boyband One Direction live here in the studio! Well Liam this is a total shock to have you here today! How was your tour down in New Zealand and Australia?’

                ‘It was great thank you. The fans down there are unbelievable and we’re so grateful that we can travel to these places and meet so many amazing people.’ I smiled, playing the polite teen idol down to a T.

                ‘Fantastic! However I bet it must be hard being away from home and all the family and people you love for such an extended period of time right?’ She pushed. Interviewers always question us on our love lives, which is exactly why I decided to come here to declare my split with Danielle.

                ‘Oh definitely. It’s great to be home and see my family and friends.’

                ‘Of course. How about that beautiful girlfriend of yours, Danielle? I understand you only flew home yesterday, but have you had any time to see her yet?’ the radio host asked, oblivious.

                ‘Well actually she’s part of the reason I’m here. I felt that I owed it to my fans to let everyone know that we’ve split up. I’m uncomfortable discussing why and how it happened though. All anyone needs to know is that we’ve gone our separate ways.’

                ‘What a shock revelation, ladies and gentlemen! One Direction fans, listen up!’

                ‘Well yeah, that was pretty much all I really had to say!’ I smiled at the reporter blankly.

                ‘Thank you so much for your time today! Liam Payne of One Direction, live on BBC’.

I exited the studio quickly. I knew I was going to be in trouble with management for this, but it had to be done. I wanted to be free from anything Danielle related for a while. It’s easier to declare my freedom than to avoid it in any future interviews.

                ‘You did the right thing, Mr. Payne’ my security guard reassured me.

                ‘Thanks. I know’ I sighed. I checked my phone briefly. One message from Sierra. I opened it and smiled.

Hey Liam,

What’s happening today? Hope you slept well. I didn’t; time zones! Argh haha

Sierra xo

Her tone made me smile, and I couldn’t wait to see her again today. We’d only met once but she had made me feel happy, and when I was with her I didn’t forget about Danielle but she helped lessen the hurt. I quickly tapped out a reply.

Hey Sierra J

We can meet up now if you like? I’m free! I slept like a rock, thought I’m a little jetlagged.

Liam xx

She replied with her address and I jumped in my car and sped around to her apartment immediately.


Sierra’s POV

The door alarm buzzed loudly and I pressed the talk button. Liam’s voice carried through the speaker

                ‘Hey, is that Sierra?’

                ‘Hey Liam. Yeah it’s me, I’ll buzz you up’. I pressed the unlock button and within a minute he was at my door smiling at me, one of those beautiful smiles that I loved to see in his eyes.

                ‘Woah, nice apartment!’ Liam exclaimed loudly.

                ‘Thanks’ I replied shyly. Having him here in my apartment was way more nerve wracking than sitting next to him on a plane. ‘Come in if you like, I can make some tea or coffee if you like?’

                ‘I think I’ll have to take you up on that offer, tea thanks.’ he stepped inside and I gestured to one of my couches for him to sit. He plopped himself down and whistled.

                ‘Beautiful view from up here’ he observed.

                ‘Yeah, that’s why my dad chose it.’ I smiled, holding back the fact that I’d inherited it. Discussing my tragic sob story wasn’t my thing. I was more into listening to other peoples stories and helping them through them. Me talking about my past was a rare thing, it only happened if I was caught off-guard.

                ‘It’s stunning’ he noted. I smiled at him and handed him a cup of English Breakfast tea.

                ‘So, what do you want to do today?’ I asked him brightly.

                ‘I thought we could do the touristy stuff and take heaps of corny photos if you wanted to make some memories?’ he asked cautiously.

                ‘That sounds perfect to me. Why do you seem kind of nervous about it though?’ I asked curiously

                ‘Well it’s just that if we go out in public together it’d be kind of like what Niall warned you of at the airport. Fans will spot us together and want to know who you are, especially because I announced my split with Danielle on international radio this morning.’ he muttered, as if he was worried that he’d frighten me away.

                ‘Let them wonder.’ I smiled at him reassuringly. I didn’t want him to think that I would be scared off by the opinions of others. Yeah, the ordeal at the airport was a little scary, but with him there I don’t think it’d be as bad as it was when I was alone.

                ‘Er, one thing though… my security guard, Jason is waiting outside. He’ll probably come too, if you don’t mind.’ Liam peeked up at me through his lashes shyly. It was like he was worried that he’d say the wrong thing and I’d go running, like one aspect of his fame would be too much for me to handle and I’d run for the hills screaming. Well, I had news for him. That was not going to happen.

                ‘No worries! We should get going though; it’s already quarter past twelve.’

I locked up the apartment and we took the elevator down to his car in the parking lot. As we were getting into his car Liam winked at me and muttered so quietly that I don’t think he intended for me to hear

                ‘Get ready for the best day of your life.’


Liam’s POV

As she climbed in my car she grinned at me, making me think she’d heard my sneaky little comment. I had to laugh at her expression. We sped off through the streets of London. Sierra wound her window down and pointed at all the statues and monuments as we drove past, a look of pure awe on her face. Her enthusiasm for all the things I took for granted made me put my daily drive through the beautiful old sooty city into perspective.

                ‘New Zealand’s such a new country that if a building is a hundred years old, we’re in awe of that. To see these buildings which are thousands of years old is incredible to me. It was one of the things I adored when I was in Italy… all the history and architecture and everything, its breath taking.’ she explained to me when she caught me staring at her in admiration. She abruptly stopped talking and corrected herself, ‘I bet you think I’m some kind of mega geek now’ she giggled.

                ‘Oh no, it’s refreshing. Finding someone who can appreciate this city is hard; most people find it dirty and sooty. I love being here. I’ve always wanted to live here. You’re making me take notice of things I’ve never noticed before.’ I smiled at her encouragingly ‘So do go on’. She returned my smile happily, the wind flying through her long blonde hair. My God, she is beautiful I thought to myself. I’d always wanted to revisit all the typical London attractions, so we started off with my favourite.

                ‘The London Eye!’ Sierra shrieked excitedly. ‘I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go on it! Liam you’re the best!’ Sierra pulled me into a hug. I suddenly got excited too, her enthusiasm was catching.

                ‘Let’s go then’ I smiled at her, a genuine smile too, one that I found hard to do lately.

After the London Eye, I took Sierra to Buckingham Palace where she made fun of the guards and their serious unbreakable demeanour. We made Jason take pictures everywhere we went. We stopped for lunch at a little Italian café she spotted down a backstreet that I’d never noticed before. The staff were all Italian and she ordered us tea and some amazing pesto pasta in fluent Italian. I stared at her in shock, how much more amazing could she get?

                ‘I lived in Italy by myself for six months in 2010’ she explained with a shrug of the shoulder ‘You kind of have to learn the language to survive in a place where everything is said loudly and angrily despite the meaning of whatever they’re saying’ she laughed.

                ‘Have you ever heard our music?’ I asked her curiously

                ‘I’ve heard What Makes You Beautiful but that’s it I’m afraid’ she replied ‘Don’t be offended, it’s just that I’ve never really had the chance to get your album or anything like that. I’d love to hear you sing though’

                ‘I’ll have to sing to you sometime then’ I offered, and then I thought of something ‘What are you studying at university here?’

                ‘Oh I’m doing performing arts’ she replied between mouthfuls of pasta.

                ‘Really? What kind of performing arts are you into specifically?’ I pushed

                ‘Funnily enough, I like to sing and dance. I also play the guitar, but I’m not doing that at university.’ she replied shyly

                ‘Brilliant!’ I reply ‘I’d love to hear you sing or watch you dance. Oh wow that sounded creepy, I didn’t mean it in-‘

                ‘Don’t worry about it!’ She laughed at me and I couldn’t help but smile. Her laugh is so infectious I thought to myself. Suddenly a flash lit up the café. ‘What was that?’ Sierra asked me nervously

                ‘Lightning I think’ and I was answered by a low rumble from the sky. Sierra started biting her lip and fidgeting with her bracelet.

                ‘Can we go?’ She asked anxiously, pushing her bowl of pasta away.

                ‘Of course, is something wrong?’ I asked curiously. Her sudden shift in behaviour worried me.

                ‘Yeah, it’s stupid. Don’t worry about it’ her favourite expression made me smile. I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the café after throwing down some money to pay for the lunch on the table. She laughed at me and picked up the money and put it back in my hand.

                ‘I’ve already paid for it.’ she smiled, but then another crack of lightning lit up the café and her expression was replaced with a dark look. ‘Let’s go before it starts to-‘she was interrupted by the rumbling of thunder and the sudden downpour of rain. ‘-rain’ she finished. We ran for my car, absolutely saturated by the rain, Sierra splashing through every puddle on the way giggling, until the thunder responded angrily from the sky, then she would quickly turn silent. I stopped her in the middle of the street in the rain and put my hands on her shoulders.

                ‘What’s wrong Sierra? You can tell me, no matter how stupid it is’ I coaxed lightly.

                ‘It’s just the thunder Liam. Honestly, it’s ridiculous of me to be like this, but…’ she trailed off

                ‘But what?’ I prompted

                ‘I’m terrified of thunder. The night my dad died, there was a storm and the thunder always reminds me of it. I hate it.’ she whimpered, as another roar of thunder erupted through the sky. My jaw set, rocked by the news that her father had died. I couldn’t imagine growing up without my dad. A surge of pity ran through me. I wrapped my arms around her, both of us absolutely soaked to the skin in rain water and hugged her tight in the middle of the street in the rain.

                ‘You were here for me yesterday, and I’m here for you today.’ I promised her. ‘You don’t need to be scared as long as I’m here.’ She looked up at me through her dark eyelashes as a drop of water rolled down her cheek. Her beautiful green eyes searched into mine, trying to find evidence that I was telling the truth. She must’ve found it, because a second later, when my lips found their way to hers, she was kissing me back. I was kissing Sierra in the rain.


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