Don't Worry

When Liam and Sierra meet on their flight to London, both cannot deny their immediate attraction. Liam has just suffered a nasty breakup with Danielle & seeks refuge in Sierra. However, will Sierra's dark past make it impossible for her to love?

Liam/OFC, Larry Stylinson, Niall/OFC, Zayn/well, Zayn's in the shit.


15. Chapter Fifteen


Liam’s POV

My jaw literally hit the floor when Sierra walked out to the lounge. When I say literally, I mean the elbow I was resting my head on slipped and I fell chin first onto the carpet. I scrambled back to my feet and noticed Sierra hysterically laughing. Lea winked at me. Now was the time for her silent escape. Stealthily, whilst Sierra was still in hysterics, Lea managed to exit the apartment. I peeked at Sierra, embarrassed at my slip. God she looked beautiful. She’d left her hair in its natural waves. Her make up was minimal, and just right. Her dress varied from cheeky to classy in its lengths and I could not stop staring at how gorgeous she looked when she laughed. When Sierra finally calmed down I took her hand and led her out the door. I managed to wrap my arm around her shoulder and whispered in her ear ‘I have never seen anyone look as beautiful as you do tonight.’ I felt her shiver as she turned around and pecked me lightly on the cheek.

                ‘Nice try at distracting me Payne, but where’d Lea go?’ Sierra arched an eyebrow at me. Sheesh, couldn’t get a thing past her.

                ‘Er, she’s going to meet us there!’ I improvised. Sierra obviously saw straight through my lie but let it slide. We reached my car and I opened her door for her, my mum always taught me to be a gentleman. Before she went to jump into my car, I pulled her aside and grinned at her. She tilted her head to the side questioningly.

‘Just trust me.’ I whispered and spun her around. I quickly tied a blindfold over her eyes. She giggled at me.

                ‘Really Liam!’ she groaned.

                ‘Just trust me!’ I repeated. Sierra ducked into my car gracefully and we speed away into the night. I silently reminded myself to thank Lea for helping set this whole thing. I kind of wished she actually was coming to the dinner with us; she’d be perfect for Zayn. Then I remembered that Zayn wasn’t really us anymore and it was up to me to fix that. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and shot a text to Louis.


Louis’ POV:

I was running around frantically trying to set up the roof of mine and Harry’s apartment. Luckily, we were on the top floor of our building and had keys to the rooftop. Harry, Niall and I had spent the last hour hauling the table and chairs and tablecloths and plates and knives and forks and candles and flowers and incense burners and braziers and a whole bunch of other crap up onto the roof to set up their date. It was a typical candlelit, rooftop dinner like you’d expect to see in a cheesy movie. I grinned. It was just how I’d imagined it would be. But we only wanted the best for Liam, and it’s hard to venture out to a restaurant for dinner when you’re a part of the world’s biggest boyband. Privacy is beyond valuable to us. I looked over at Harry who was struggling to get the table cloth sitting right. I wandered over to give him a hand and ended up behind him with my arms wrapped around his waist. He spun to face me with a defensive look on his face until he saw that it was me. His features softened into the beautiful Haz smoulder that I’d come to love so much.

                ‘Like what you see love?’ I taunted, a smug grin on my face. Harry stuck his tongue out at me.

                ‘Why don’t we do anything like this?’ he pouted. I played with one of his curls.

                ‘Because you like the attention when we go out baby. Rooftop affairs don’t really seem like our thing.’ I smiled at him as he nuzzled into my neck. I loved Harry, with all that I had. I was enjoying the moment when Niall took it upon himself to break it up.

                ‘Alright lovebirds, we’ve still got stuff to do.’ he pulled as apart. My phone beeped.

We’re on our way,


I surveyed our work carefully, adjusting the flowers on the table and ensuring the candles were lit.

                ‘Alright lads, they’re on their way.’ I clapped my hands and turned to face the others.

It’s show time.


Sierra’s POV
Liam had me blindfolded in the passenger seat of his car. I couldn’t help but think that this day had definitely taken a turn for the better. I could only imagine where he was whisking me away to. But like he said, I just had to trust him. And if that was all it took, then I definitely was not worried. We arrived at our destination after a quarter of an hour driving. Liam helped me out of the car and into what felt like some kind of apartment building. My heels clicked noisily against the marble floor, their echo telling me that the room was somewhat empty. Liam pulled me into the elevator and we had to climb some stairs, which was a bit of an adventure in my heels and blindfold. Finally we made it up to some kind of outdoor space. A light wind ruffled my hair and I felt Liam lean into me for a little cuddle.

                ‘Buona Notte, Bella!’ I heard Louis’ face laugh into my ear as the blindfold was removed from my eyes. All I could do was gape at the miraculous sight in front of me.


We were standing on a rooftop that looked out towards the most beautiful sight of the London skyline. I could see the history oozing out of the charming buildings and in the distance I could see the London Eye where Liam had taken me on our first ‘date’. Niall, Harry and Louis were dressed in colours of maroon, grey, black and white and looked very dapper. They were standing around a small circular table with two white chairs at it. A white tablecloth had been draped over the table. Candles and incense burned at the centre of the table and there were flowers and petals spread everywhere on the roof. It really did look like a vision from a fairytale. Liam placed his hand on the small of my back and hummed in his throat. I stifled a laugh at how nervous he was. I could understand why, I mean this entire set up was incredibly cliché. How could he be sure that I would like it? Of course, I loved that he and the boys had made the effort. Including Harry, surprisingly. Hopefully this meant he was over his little grudge.

                ‘I love it.’ I whispered into Liam’s ear. I instantly felt his body relax. I smiled.

                ‘If you’ll take your seat madam, Niall will bring the first course right over.’ Louis grinned, putting on a fake posh accent. He sounded ridiculous!

                ‘Oh come off it Lou!’ I teased. ‘Since when am I “madam”?’

                ‘Don’t ruin my fun.’ he insisted, dropping his accent. He tugged me and Liam towards the table. Niall had scurried off back downstairs somewhere and Harry was pulling out my chair for me. I gave him a embarrassed smile, which he returned weakly. Obviously he wasn’t enjoying this as much as Lou, but I gave him credit for being involved at all.

                ‘Now for the first meal, myself and the lads have prepared… cheesy bread sticks!’ announced Lou with a wave towards Niall, who was miraculously managing to balance an enormous tray of bread sticks. Lou was grinning, obviously impressed with himself and his accent. Harry took the tray from Niall and set it down on the table, muttering a quiet ‘Enjoy’. The three quickly disappeared back down the stairs. I took the opportunity to grill Liam.

                ‘So. Lea helped you set this up?’ I asked. Liam smiled sheepishly.

                ‘Yeah, she thought it might prove to you that I’m not going to run away because people know who you are now.’ he replied, taking a bite of the cheese stick. He made a funny face.

                ‘I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Lou made these?’ I picked up a cheese stick cautiously. Liam managed to swallow his mouthful of cheesy bread.

                ‘Er, unfortunately yes.’

I took a bite hesitantly. I swallowed, trying not to reveal my distaste for the burnt crusts under the cold cheese.

                ‘It’s not that bad.’ I avoided Liam’s gaze. He scoffed and pushed the tray away.

                ‘Look, Sierra. There’s a lot going on here that we haven’t talked about properly.’ Liam started.

                ‘Not now Liam. I don’t want to ruin this moment.’ I interrupted.

                ‘Please, this is something I think we need to talk about.’ he gave me the puppy eyes. I sighed.

                ‘What do you want to talk about?’ I obliged grudgingly.

                ‘Well, it’s just that Danielle came to see the other day.’ he mumbled. I arched an eyebrow. Why did he feel the need to tell me this? Did something happen?

                ‘She basically came to tell me that she wanted me back.’ he continued, unable to meet my gaze.             ‘Oh.’ I managed to reply. So he was going to take her back. Fair enough, I guess. I never really stood a chance anyway. Why set this date up for me then? To let me down easy?

                ‘I told her to leave.’ Liam cupped a hand under my chin and tilted up my face to meet his eyes. ‘I told her I wanted nothing to do with her anymore.’ A warm sense of relief flooded through me. He really was on his way to being past this whole thing. I smiled at him, proud that he’d been able to deny her.

                ‘If that’s what will make you happy Liam then I’m proud of you.’ I said kindly.

                ‘You know what gave me the strength to turn her away?’ Liam asked.


                ‘Reminding myself that I’d be a fool to take her back, I’d be an idiot to let her ruin things for us too.’ He leant forward over the table and gave me one of those deep kisses that cause my whole body to tingle with electricity, hyperaware that he was touching me. All too soon the kiss was interrupted by Louis with a dissatisfied ‘Hrumph!’

                ‘You two hardly touched the cheese sticks!’ Lou whined. I immediately felt bad.

                ‘It’s not that we didn’t like them Lou it’s just that er, we were saving room for the main course.’ Liam saved us.                

                ‘Oh of course.’ replied Lou with a grin. ‘Speaking of… NIALL? BRING OUT THE PIZZA!’ He grinned as he waved Niall up towards us.

                ‘Don’t worry, Haz and Nialler made the pizza. I know I’m a terrible chef.’ Lou whispered into my ear. I couldn’t help but laugh. Niall set the pizza down on our table and gave me a cheeky wink. I grinned, slowly becoming more and more attached to these crazy pop stars.  Harry cut the pizza into slices, placing a piece down on my plate.

                ‘Um. Enjoy. Bon appétit and all that.’ he muttered awkwardly before rushing back downstairs with the others. Liam watched his retreating back with a curious look on his face.

                ‘Is he always like that around you?’ he asked gently.

                ‘Kinda. I think he’s worried I’ll corrupt you or something’ I replied taking a bite of the pizza, which was so good it clearly wasn’t made by Lou. ‘Don’t worry, the pizza’s safe.’ I confirmed for Liam.

                ‘Hmm’ was Liam’s response before he took a bite of the pizza. He chewed quickly. ‘Lea was worried I’d corrupt you to be honest.’ he admitted.

                ‘Really? When did you figure that out?’ I wondered.

                ‘She went to Lou and Harry’s place to quiz them on me. She was just making sure I wouldn’t hurt you. You’ve got a really good friend there Sierra.’ Liam smiled at me gently. Yeah his smile was cute, but she was so going to get it when I got home. We finished the pizza quickly because it was so good. I was going to have to get Niall and Harry to teach me how to do it because even the pizza skills I picked up in Napoli didn’t compare to that. I gazed up at the sky, admiring the few stars I could make out in the bright London sky. That was the one thing I pitied about London. The light pollution really dulled out the majority of the milky way. Liam noticed me staring and took my hand.

                ‘There’s this spot just out of Wolverhampton where you can see so many stars on a clear night, the sky resembles a blanket with holes pricked in it and there’s some kind of bright light shining through the other side.’ he trailed his thumb gently over the back of my hand.

                ‘In the South Island back home there are places where the sky is so bright at night; the ice on the mountains reflects the light from the stars.’ I remembered, suddenly becoming a little homesick.

                ‘We’ll have to show each other some time’ we both said at the same time then burst out laughing. At that point, Niall returned.

                ‘Do you two want any dessert?’ he asked, his Irish accent lilting on the word dessert.

                ‘Er, I’d rather give it a miss thanks Niall. How about you Sierra?’ Liam asked politely.

                ‘No thanks, not if you’re not having any.’ I declined, giving Niall an apologetic smile.

                ‘That’s fine!’ Niall skipped back to Lou and Harry. I gave Liam what I hoped was an inquisitive look.

                ‘Why the bail out on desserts Payne?’ I arched an eyebrow at him.

                ‘Notafanofspoons.’ he mumbled quickly.

                ‘What?’ I asked. ‘Didn’t quite catch that.’

                ‘I’m not a fan of spoons.’ he stated clearly, avoiding my gaze. I was tempted to burst out laughing but he was obviously serious and I didn’t want to offend him. Instead I said

                ‘Don’t worry. I’m not a fan of knives.’ in a really lame way. Liam laughed at me and helped me out of my chair.

                ‘Silly girl. Let’s get you home. I’m sure you’ve got classes tomorrow and I’ve kept you up late enough.’ he said, slipping his coat on. We climbed back down the ladder to where Niall, Lou and Harry had been hiding out in Lou and Harry’s apartment. Lou grinned at us with a look that clearly said ‘don’t-do-anything-i-wouldn’t-do’. I rolled my eyes at him, and thanked them all for setting up a wonderful evening. These guys were really starting to grow on me. Even grumpy little Harry.


Authors Note: Sorry about the lack of updates for so long. I've been so busy with work and exams that I've hardly had time to eat or sleep, let alone write! But I promise now that i'm on summer holidays i'll push to write and update more often :) xx

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