Don't Worry

When Liam and Sierra meet on their flight to London, both cannot deny their immediate attraction. Liam has just suffered a nasty breakup with Danielle & seeks refuge in Sierra. However, will Sierra's dark past make it impossible for her to love?

Liam/OFC, Larry Stylinson, Niall/OFC, Zayn/well, Zayn's in the shit.


8. Chapter Eight


Liam’s POV


I threw myself onto the couch at my apartment, tired. I’d spent the whole day cleaning the place up and removing all of Danielle’s crap that she’d left at mine while I was on tour. I considered calling her, but after Zayn’s text two days ago I realised that I was okay to avoid them for a little while. I wanted to hold onto the little piece of happiness I’d found in Sierra for a few more days at least before I had to confront them. My mum and sisters had called me, happy that I was home and wondering if I wanted to go to lunch with them before my sisters started back at uni next week so hopefully I’d catch up with them on the weekend. It was Friday however and I really wanted to see Sierra again. I hadn’t heard from her since Tuesday when we’d gone out for the day, touring London. I smiled at the thought of her and the enthusiasm she’d demonstrated out in the city. She was such a breath of fresh air, exactly what I needed to keep my mind off of Zayn and Danielle. My brow furrowed as a horrible thought crossed my mind. What if that’s all she is Liam? What if you’re subconsciously using her as a rebound? Could you do that to a girl as sweet and beautiful as Sierra? I grimaced. I didn’t think I was using her as a rebound. I mean Danielle and I had been split for a month now, it was time for me to move on. A brief mental debate ensued and the Call Sierra team won. A few seconds later I was dialling her number into my iPhone and holding my breath as I waited for her to pick up.

                ‘Hello?’ Sierra answered breathlessly

                ‘Hey, Sierra? It’s Liam’

                ‘Oh hey Liam! How’re you?’

                ‘I’m fantastic thanks, yourself?’ I smiled into the phone. Even the sound of her voice was an instant pick me up. I couldn’t wait to get to know her better.

                ‘I’m good thanks. Sorry hold on a second-‘ she covered the mouthpiece on her phone. I heard her yell into the background Lea! Chase! Shh! I’m on the phone. Hmm, who were Lea and Chase? I was intrigued, wrongfully so. I had kind of enjoyed the idea that I was Sierra’s only friend in London so far. Was that jealousy Liam? I shook my head.

                ‘Sorry about that’ she resumed the call. ‘My neighbours came over for breakfast and being siblings they couldn’t go for five minutes without throwing bacon and pancakes at each other’ she sighed exasperatedly. I had to laugh, she sounded so cute.

                ‘So are you hanging out with them today?’ I asked

                ‘Um, I’m not sure yet. I don’t think so, Lea’s got a job interview in an hour and Chase has to go to school’ Oh so he was still at school, that made me feel slightly better.

                ‘If you’re free, I got out The Hangover part one AND part two?’ I asked hesitantly.

                ‘I love those movies!’ she exclaimed happily. ‘I’d love to watch them again with you’ I exhaled happily.

                ‘Brilliant! How about I pick you up and we watch them at mine?’  I asked

                ‘Yeah that would be sweet as.’ I frowned, sweet as? What does that mean?  ‘Oh, I mean that would be nice.’ she sounded confused and cute ‘Sweet as is such a Kiwi term.’ she explained.

                ‘Right’ I laughed ‘So I’ll be over to pick you up in an hour?’

                ‘That sounds sweet as to me’ she giggled

                ‘See you soon!’ And at that the phone disconnected. I jumped in the shower, left a note for Niall who would be wondering why I wasn’t home, and went for a quick drive to calm my nerves. Why was I so nervous? What was up with this effect Sierra was having on me? I’d only known the girl for less than a week, and she made my stomach feel like it was tied in knots. Before I knew it, an hour had passed an I was on her doorstep. I buzzed the intercom nervously and she answered it breathily all like ‘I’LL BE RIGHT DOWN, HOLD UP!’ and a few seconds later she appeared at the front door. I smiled at her and escorted her to my car. A few fans milled around, curious as to who she was. I waved at them politely and they shrieked in response.

Sierra’s POV


I jumped into Liam’s car avoiding facing the fans that followed him here. He greeted me with a kiss on the cheek warmly.

                ‘Hello’ he murmured happily. I was so happy to see him, especially seeing him happy like this. Seeing him broken like that on the flight to London was terrible. Seeing him happy like this was heart warming.

                ‘Hey you’ I greeted back playfully. He dug into his bag and pulled out the Hangover movies with a grin on his face.

                ‘Be honest, how many times have you seen these movies?’ he asked

                ‘Only once each, I swear!’ I promised

                ‘So you’re sure you don’t wanna watch something else? I have a variety at home, but I just wanted to go for something kinda light’ his eyes watched me warily, as if he was worried that I’d snap at him and demand another movie. Jeez, why was he so cautious? I wasn’t gonna bite or anything.

                ‘Nope’ I popped the ‘P’. ‘I love the Hangover movies. In fact when I went to Thailand last year with Kalia and Tara we stayed at the hotel that they met the drug lord turned cop. We won a radio competition’ I grinned. ‘I love the movies.’

                ‘Wow! That’s so cool. I’ve never been to Thailand’ Liam mused

                ‘Well, I’ve never been to the U.S or many of the other countries I’m sure you’ve toured in’ I shot back playfully. ‘So we’re even’ he laughed at my competitiveness.

                ‘Even’ he said. ‘We are by no means “even” Sierra’ he laughed at me.

                ‘What do you mean?’ I asked, confused by his sudden change in tone.

                ‘Well, you’re happy, stable, adventurous, brave and carefree. I’m broken, a little bit screwed up, and constantly jet-lagged’ he chewed his lip nervously. I didn’t like the sudden turn in conversation, but luckily we pulled over at what must’ve been his apartment. Even from the outside it looked stunning. He got out of the car and quickly hurried over to my side of the car and opened my door for me before I could protest. I smiled at him warmly. Such a gentleman, I thought to myself happily. He let us in and I was overcome by homesickness. Liam’s apartment resembled my home back in New Zealand so much that I felt a pang of sadness, visualising my mum sitting at home by herself. Liam sensed my change in mood and took my hand and pulled me over to the living area.

                ‘Niall?’ He yelled

                ‘Whuuuuu-arugh t?’ Niall yelled back, presumably with a mouth full of food. I laughed, that boy had an eternal appetite.

                ‘Sierra’s here. Come out and say hi’ Liam shouted.

                ‘Just a sec!’ Niall responded and a few moments later he made his way out of what I could only assume was his room. He was pulling a sweatshirt on as he walked out, grinning like a madman. I could tell he was happy I was here with Liam.

                ‘Hiya Sierra’ he said, pulling me into a hug.

                ‘Hey Niall. How’re you?’ I asked politely. I could tell I was gonna be good friends with this funny little Irishman.

                ‘Great thanks. You two gonna watch a movie?’ he questioned encouragingly.

                ‘Er, yeah. The Hangover, you lent it to me last night.’ Liam shot back.

                ‘That’s right. Well, I’m gonna go, err make some friends with the fans. Cya’ he let himself out. Liam looked at me and cringed at Niall’s not so subtle attempt at giving us privacy.

                ‘He’s nice!’ I observed. Liam put the movie in the DVD player and came and sat next to me on the couch. Halfway through the movie he slid his arm around me like they do in the corny American movies and I stifled a laugh. He was so cute. I could feel myself getting drowsy though, so I rested my head against his should and nuzzled into his neck. He pulled me closer and kissed my hair. I yawned happily.

                ‘Tired, little one?’ Liam asked gently

                ‘Just a little’ I yawned again. ‘I’m still not right with the time difference’

                ‘If you want to go to sleep, I don’t mind.’ he assured me.

                ‘I don’t want to be rude, but I’ll apologize now in case I do fall asleep’ I smiled at him happily. He resumed watching the movie in silent content. I was suddenly very aware at his proximity. His arm around my shoulders suddenly weighed a tonne as I became incredibly aware of it. I felt like an electric current was running between us. My stomach fluttered nervously with butterflies. I squirmed at the feeling, so foreign to me. Liam noticed my movement.

                ‘Are you alright, love?’ he gazed down at me

                ‘Yeah I’m fine.’ I lied. He laughed, obviously able to see right through me. I was a terrible liar.

                ‘You’re not. What’s wrong?’

                ‘I am! My problem is, I’m too happy.’ I shook my head

                ‘What do you mean, too happy?’

                ‘I’m so happy with you and I’ve only known you a week. Is this normal? I feel like there’s someone in my stomach doing backflips.’ I whispered to him, admitting my feelings.

                ‘Oh Sierra. It’s totally normal. In fact, it’s contagious’ he teased me, a twinkle in his eye.

                ‘Huh?’ I mumbled. He took my hand and placed it over his heart, which was beating fast. I gulped, intoxicated by his scent. He used his free hand to tilt my face up to his and this time when his lips touched mine, I didn’t pull away. His soft lips probed against mine gently and I gasped at the contact happily. I reached up and ran my fingers through his soft hair as our tongues danced slowly and gently. I lost myself in the kiss, all my worries and fears of judgement gone. All too soon he pulled away, a happy grin on his face.

                ‘Wow’ was all he could manage. I stifled a giggle, not willing to ruin the moment.

                ‘Wow’ I replied happily. Never in my life had I been kissed with as much feeling as that. Suddenly a twinge of jealousy resounded in my mind. Had this been what he was like with Danielle? How on earth could a girl ever do anything to risk giving a guy like Liam up? The movie had finished and it was getting late. I glanced at my watch as Liam played with my hair. It was 11.40 PM and my stomach growled ravenously.

                ‘Shit, I haven’t fed you! Sorry Sierra, do you want me to cook something for you? Or we could go out?’ he asked anxiously, like he didn’t want to upset me.

                ‘Uh, whatever. I don’t mind, honestly I’m not fussy’ I replied, my mind still foggy from the kiss.

                ‘I’ll make a pizza’ he offered, kissing my cheek lightly as he got up and started buzzing around the kitchen. Within 20 minutes he’d whipped up a pizza so delicious I had to wonder if he’d been to Naples.

                ‘Nope, never been to Naples. I’ve been to Rome? The pizza there is just as delicious, I hear’ he challenged. I scoffed at him.

                ‘Roman pizza as good as Napoleon pizza? You must be mad!’ I chided gently. ‘It’s a lot creamier in the south’ I started rambling about Italy, one of my favourite places in the world. He smiled at my enthusiasm.  I looked at my watch again and noticed that it was after midnight.

                ‘Liam, I should probably go…’ I mumbled unhappily. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay with him and eat lots of pizza and forget about the phone calls I’d have to return to my unhinged mother, and back to the apartment that smelt faintly like the father I missed so much. I was having such a good time here with him.

                ‘You can always stay if you like’ he offered gallantly.

                ‘I’d love to, but what will the fans think?’ I challenged

                ‘They wont have a clue’

                ‘If you insist then’ I smiled at him, unthinkingly accepting his offer.  Just then, Niall burst into the apartment, clutching a gossip magazine.

                ‘Er, you two might want to have a look at this’ he stammered awkwardly. He thrust the magazine at us and muttered ‘Page 3’. I gasped in shock. There was a picture of me and Liam in a magazine, his face smiling and beautiful and my face full of pasta. It had been taken the other day when we stopped for pasta at the Italian café. Liam’s features contorted in upset. He looked at me worriedly. I realized he was waiting for my reaction. Shit I thought to myself. How I react to this could make or break this. I took a deep breath, looked him straight in the eye and said

                ‘They could’ve used a better picture of me’

Liam and Niall burst into laughter at my indifference. I exhaled happily. This is going to be a lot of hard work.

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