Catching Up with the World

Amanda Wright had won front seats to a One Direction concert. She scored the guy that had been up on her walls since she could remember. But when a misunderstanding leads to an accident and things spiral out of control, she must help Harry catch up with the world.


2. Amanda's POV


            It was late at night and jetlag was getting the best of me. Emma, Montana, and I had to fly a couple of hours from Texas to Florida to see the concert. Montana was getting our room and Emma was passed out on the cushioned chair in the lobby. Montana came skipping over to us. I have to admit, sometimes Montana was too peppy.


            I shook Emma awake and she looked scared to death with chocolate brown eyes almost popping out of her head. “I got us a room.” Montana said shaking the key cards in her hand. We each took one and headed for the elevator.


            “I’m going to go walk around and get some air,” I sighed. I started heading outside realizing I don’t know where I am! I decided to walk around the block for a bit. The air felt so good outside and it was kind of quiet and peaceful; that was until three jerks decided to yell out a conversation. I just rolled my eyes. I noticed they looked oddly familiar. One was blonde and shorter than the other two. He had a different accent then the rest which was weird because you could tell none of them sound like they were around here. Another one had a mess of curly hair on top of his head and the other was tall and had dark gelled hair. OH MY GOSH IT’S ONE DIRECTION! Where are Lou and Liam?! It felt weird seeing them out in public. I didn’t know I was staring until Niall, Harry, and Zayn were starting to stare back. I immediately looked down at the ground and walked back to the hotel.


            I started to walk faster excited to tell Montana and Emma everything. No wonder everyone couldn’t stop talking about their 1D concert experience. I started to run until I was forced to a stop when I heard a British voice call me out.

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