Catching Up with the World

Amanda Wright had won front seats to a One Direction concert. She scored the guy that had been up on her walls since she could remember. But when a misunderstanding leads to an accident and things spiral out of control, she must help Harry catch up with the world.


1. Amanda's POV


            “You’re listening to 106.1!” The radio boomed throughout the house. I was having a little get together to call in for One Direction tickets. I needed these tickets! I’ve never been to a concert or anything and I’m sick and tired of other girls in my school talking about the concerts they’ve been to. Of course none of them have gotten front row seats but they’ve swore that at least one of the boys glanced their way.


            I tied my wavy brunette hair up into a ponytail and relaxed on my zebra print bed next to the radio. I could hear the stairs creak as one of my friends came up the steps. I could see those long, dark, curly locks from a mile away to notice it was Emma. She dropped her tote bag by the door and flopped beside me onto the bed.


            “Vas happenin’ Amanda?” She joked. Emma wrapped her tan arms around my skinny body. I haven’t seen her since school ended. Right behind her was none other than my favorite blonde Montana. We met in 6th grade and were inseparable since. Montana sat on the other side of me. All three of us sprawled out on the bed waiting for our time to call.


3 Hours Later…

            We tried catching every chance we could get but we haven’t even gotten the phone to ring. “Ugh! This is pointless!” Emma yelled. Montana plopped on the floor in boredom. We only had one more chance to call in for tickets and I already lost hope. I heard other girls crying, and screaming, and celebrating on the radio that they had won tickets. I tossed my phone on the bed and ran downstairs for something to eat. All of us haven’t eaten anything in case he would’ve randomly announced to call then. I grabbed a couple of chip bags and a whole box of cookies. We were planning on staying up all night with One Direction.


            I froze the moment the radio blasted a One Direction song. I knew I was too late. I felt weak and started to tremble with terror as I heard the words: “Call right now!” With everything I had I rushed up the stairs. I practically trampled over everything; I dropped all the snacks on the floor and dived onto the bed reaching for my phone. Luckily Montana and Emma were already on the case. My phone went straight to a busy signal. I got so upset I threw it across the room. I looked over at Emma who slammed her phone onto the bed covers. Montana was still on the phone. She held her hand up to her ear, smiling a toothy smile, and scrunching her sky-blue eyes with so much excitement.


            “Hello?” Montana asked. What was going on? I didn’t understand until I could hear her voice on the radio. It wasn’t long until screams filled the entire room. All I could do was scream some more. I had three front row tickets to a One Direction concert.

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