I'll be here when you wake up...

When Rebecca falls head over heels for Liam she feels everything is perfect. But perfect wont last. Not if "they" have anything to do with it. Will Liam and Rebecca last or even live?


2. Welcome Back

I'm so excited! Liam is coming home today. I get ready to head to the airport. Today is also the day Liam and I have decided to go public with our relationship. I'm excited but aslo scared. Most girlfriends of famous people recive alot of hate. I don't know if I can handle that. I finish putting on my outfit and grab my purse and head outside to meet Jadyn. Her and Niall are going out. They are so cute together. They have already gone public. She gets alot of hate but she takes it in a stride. She's cool and confident. We get in the car and start the drive to the airport. When we arrive the place is packed with papparzzis. I'm ok with crowds but Jadyn isn't. She hass been terribly afraid of them since her and Niall got attacked by a group of fans. I assure her she'll be fine. We step out of the car to camera flashes. We both put our heads down and push our way to the doors. We get inside safely. I check the tim. "Jadyn the boys will land any minute!" I say. She smiles. Sure enough five minutes later the boys have landed. A few more minutes and I feel Liam's strong ar,s wraped around me. I snuggle up close to him. "I've missed you so much!" I say tearing up. "Becca I missed you too." Liam says wiping my tears away. He grabs my hand and leads me outside. The boys have an interview this afternoon. The 1D girlfriends will be interviewed as well. Me and Liam will annonce our relationship to everyone on the show. Its time for the interview. I take a deep breath and grab Liams hand. We walk hand in hand onto the stage. We get a puzzled look from the interviewer. We all sit down. "Welcome back to the UK boys" the interviewer says. "Were really happy to be back." says Louis. "We all know there is an elephant in the room, so lets get rid of it" says the interviewer, "Liam who is this beauitful girl you have with you today?" I blush. "Well, this is by beautiful girlfriend Rebecca." he says smiling at me. A chorus of "aww" comes from the audience. "Well now that thats outta the way lets get on with the interview!" the interviewer says. I kinda zone out while the boys are being asked some questions. The interviewer calls for a quick break. "When we return we'll find out what its like to be a 1D girlfriend" Then bell sounds. we are off air. Liam gives me a peck on the cheek. "You'll be fine love." he says. He can read my mind. I'm nervous. The stage manager suddenly whisk me and Jadyn away. We begin the enter view. "Well girls how great is it to be a girlfriend of 1D?" he ask. "Its just great. Niall is so sweet." Jadyn says. The interviewer looks to me. I speak up. "It's not that different from being with a regular non-famous guy. Except the papparazzi and the screaming girls. And the fact that half the female population wants to date your boyfriend." I say. Jadyn giggles. We go through a few more questions. We finish the interview and I run over to Liam. He pick me up and spins me around. "You were great Rebecca!" Liam says. I give him a hug. "Umm guys I'm starving!!" screams Niall. "Niall we ate an hour ago." I say. "Thats 60 whole minutes without food." Niall says. Jadyn laughs. 'Nandos ok with everyone?" Zayn ask. "NANDOS!!!!!" Niall screams and runs to the car. We all laugh and head after him. I lay my head on Liams shoulder. This day has been perfect.   

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