I'll be here when you wake up...

When Rebecca falls head over heels for Liam she feels everything is perfect. But perfect wont last. Not if "they" have anything to do with it. Will Liam and Rebecca last or even live?


4. The phone holds the secrets

We all got back ok. Rebecca dropped her purse and ran to the toliet. I looked to see if the coast was clear. I grabbed her phone and ran to my room. I locked the door. I checked her text and found nothing. Read a few emails,noothing. I then went to twitter. Then i saw them. Tweets attacking Becca and "Say Goodbye to Liam" I wondered what was going to happen. I was scared. I heard a knock on my door. I shoved Rebeccas phone in my pocket and opened it. No one was there. Then I heard it. A scream. Followed by a shout and the sound of a gun. I ran towards the noises. I saw Rebecca crumpled in the floor. I ran to her and saw she has bleeding. Really bad too. I looked around and saw that there was a note. Written in Red Ink it said "She was warned...." I called 911 and told what happened. They arrived 5 minutes later. I drove to the hospital. Rebecca was sent in to surgery. A nurse explained that the bullet had hit the edge of her brain. It caused a dent to her brain. The bullet hit her memery section of the brain. This could cause  cause her to lose all memery. I put my head in my heads. The nurse patted my back. "Liam as of right now she has a 10% chance of surviving. Im so sorry" She stood and left me to grieve.

Three hours passed and no one said anything to me. A doctor came out with a blank expression. "Liam I have good and bad news. Rebecca is alive." I let out a breath of relief. "But she knows nothing of the last year. My heart stops beating. We met a year and three months ago. She doesnt know me. Shes just a crazy fan.

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