I'll be here when you wake up...

When Rebecca falls head over heels for Liam she feels everything is perfect. But perfect wont last. Not if "they" have anything to do with it. Will Liam and Rebecca last or even live?


1. Love Me

Dear Liam,

 I hate that we have been apart for so long. You know I miss you. I can't wait for you and the boys tour to be over. Then we can be together at last. LOL. Drama is working on me. We are working on mushy love stuff. Anyway I love you and miss you. See you next week:) - Rebecca

I pressed send and smiled. Liam would be back in England in three days!!! Gosh I had missed him. Durning this tour I had only visited him once. I'm too excited to do anything. Too bad I have a ton of homework.

LIAM'S POV- I read Rebecca's email. I smile to myself. She's perfect. We met at a coffee shop in London. I ran into her and spilled coffee all over her. I was beyond embarrassed. She just laughed. We sat down and talked and now we are here. In love. Shes my other half. I sit there stuck in a flashback. Niall pokes my arm bringing me back to the real world. "Rebecca?" Niall asked. With a goofy grin I reply "Yeah." He laughs. "Dont worry Liam, you can see Becca in a few days" Niall says laughing. Three more days till I can see Rebecca.

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