I'll be here when you wake up...

When Rebecca falls head over heels for Liam she feels everything is perfect. But perfect wont last. Not if "they" have anything to do with it. Will Liam and Rebecca last or even live?


3. And so it begins

We all laugh and joke on the ride to Nandos. When we get there Liam wants a pic for Twitter. We get Paul to take it. Liam posted it and we all retweet it. "Hey Rebecca whats your twitter?" ask Harry. "Its @hey_its_rebecca" I say. All the boys follow me. I look at my phone and Liam's name appears in my mentions. "Everyone follow my awesome gf @hey_its_rebecca!" I smile. "Thanks Liam. Your pretty awesome too!" I say. As we walk in I glance at my phone I have 500,000 followers. Fifty seconds ago I had 200. I go through a few of the tweets I've gotten. Most are sweet and about being happy for me and Liam. Then I reach it. A tweet that really hurts. "Eww your what Liam chose. Your ugly and worthless. Go die" I try to brush it off. I refresh the page. There is another one. "Leave Liam alone. Hes mine. Im so much prettier than you. As I said before GO DIE!" Who is this girl? I put my phone in my pocket. We all sit down and order. I leave over and kiss Liam. "I love you" i say. "I love you too" Liam says. While we wait for our food we all get on Twitter. I check my mentions. "I saw that. Kiss him again and I'll kill you. Watch your back." I swollow my fear. Whoever this is can see me. I dont have long to think about because our food comes. We all chat and eat. When we finish we all get up and head back outside. Liam grabs my hand and kisses my forehead. I snuggle up to him as we head outside. My phone goes off. I break away from Liam and open it. Another tweet. This one chills my bones. "I warned you. Say Goodbye to Liam. We know where you are. Were watching you" I hear a step and a giggle to my left. I turn to see two eyes looking at me. The girl motions to her throat and drags her finger across it. Then she runs down the alley. I shiver and run to catch up with the group. "What's wrong?" Liam asked. "NOTHING" I yell a bit to loud. Liam gives me a funny look. I hop in the car. LIAMS POV- Something was definantly wrong with Rebecca. She kept glancing at her phone. She looked kinda scared. "If its ok with all of you we can stay at the bungalow." says Harry. We all agree and start the drive there. Rebecca notices me looking at her. She immeditaly puts her phone in her purse. I have to find out whats going on. That phone holds the answers.    

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