On the steps

Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction


2. Tears for no meaning

"okay okay so just finished my final test scored highest in it and now to go shopping for graduation" I thought to myself as I held my books up close to my chest. I had my long straight brown hair in a side fishtail braid on my left side to be exact I was wearing ripped faded blue skinny jeans with I white spaghetti strap shirt on with a black as through shirt on top of the spaghetti strap then I was just wearin some black cute flats, I had my book bag swept to the side of my body as I started to walking to an old abondoned wedding place. It use to be so popular here everyone would get married here until one day a girl completely lost it and ruined everything here. I started to walk up the steps of where the bride would go up, but then I heard someone crying, I looked around to see where it was coming from. I realized tht the crying was comin from the other set of stairs it was a boy with brown hair, elbows I knees, and hands in face. I started to make my way towards him then I looked af his sobbing position. This just tore me to pieces i hate seeing people cry. Before I could argue with my sled or stop my self from doing anything I ran up to him and hugged him "please,please, please don't cry please don't it hurts to see you cry" I said as I turned around looking inside my book bag for a tissue "uhh just take a deep breath and take this" I give him the Kleenex "then just tell me about it" I finished off with a smile. I felt mean to smile in front of someone who is crying but I'm pretty sure he'll understand I'm just trying to lighten up the mood. He looked up an saw that I was holding a tissue in front of his face with a gental smile, he locked eyes with me for what felt like hours but it was only seconds before he took the tissue and said "you really don't have to do this you can leave I'll get over it soon" of there's 1 thing I know, I know that when someone says to go away they want you to stay an make them feel like someone cares "no no its alright I-" I cleared my throught "I hate seeing people cry just tell me about it" I heard him give a little sigh "well you see I was dating this girl and today I caught her cheating on me wi-" "does he know yo uss her cheating in you" I cut him off " no" he said "well maybe she has some explantion did yo uses her right I kiss the guy" "yes they were in a whole make out session" he said " do you have reall feeling for her" I asked "no but the guys he was che-" "so if u don't have feelings for her why are you crying" I interupted again, I could tell he was getting irritated how I kept interrupting him "BECAUSE SHE CHEATED ON ME WITH MY BEST FRIEND" he shouted at me as he put his head back in his hand "oh" I said "I'm sorry I didn't meant to be harsh it's just you'd think that he'd respect the guybull they both know that she's dating me" Louis said calmer " I understand I've experienced this before.. erg kind off not really but" I trailed off as I pulled him into a big hug "and all you want to do know is just let out all you're tears" I said while lettin his tears obsorb in my shirt "yess" he somehow managed to say between tears and threw my shirt. *2 hours later* "Ughh he hasn't stopped cryin think sky think what do you do to an infant who's crying.. OOHHH sing him a song umm what song sing hi safe a sound by taylor swift and civil war" I started talking to myself
"I remember tears streaming down you face when I said I'd never let you go when all those shadows almost killed your light, I remember you said don't leave me here alone but all that's dead and gone and passed tonight just close youre hey the sun is going down you be alright no one can hurt you now come moring light you and I'll be safe and sound" using gentally in his ear as he started to fall asleep. Once I finished the song he was silently snoring. His head was on my lap and his legs where all stretched on the steps, I liked at his peacefully face with the birds chirping the wing blowing all to be interupted buy my boyfriend blake coleman "what the f-- is this" he shouted at me, I put his head off my lap and gently set it down on the concrete steps. Blake started to walk up to him and had his hand balled up in a fist, I walked up to him and pushed him back "it's not what you think it is" I said as gental as I could. "it sure looks like it, how many others" he shouted at me "what are you talking about" I said my voice started to rise but it was still at calm level "you know exactly what I'm fucking talking about how many others are there how many others have you cheated on me with" he yelled at me while giving me against a wall and trapping me there with his body, I heard a slight gasp once Blake stopes shouting I thought Louis woke up but I couldn't see because Blake was covering my view "none you ass hole why can't you trust me" I sad giving his a slight push. Bad mistake he walked back up to me and held my hand above my head and said "I can't trust you because I just say a man in your arms" "he was crying on the steps and I went there to support him cuz I'm not heart less" I screamed in his face, after a minute or two his grip on my wrists loosened a bit and he started f by saying "I'm sorry babe I didn't kn--" "no shut up" I interupted while his hands were still holing my arms "if I can't get at least 10 seconds of explaining before you go and beat up people I-- I don't.." I trailed off "you don't wht" he questioned while getting a tighter grip on me " I DON'T THINK WE SHOULD GO OUT ANYMORE I NEED TRUST FROM YOU AND IT'S OBVIOUS THAT UOU CAN'T PRIVIDE ME THAT" I yelled at him they is when I knew that Louis woke up cuz I heard a "wht" it was really quiet but I knew it was him "no no baby please think this over" Blake as he kissed me, forcefully. I screamed threw my closed teeth and my hands were bein held so I brought up my knees and kneed him in the balls as he let go of my hands I threw him k the ground and said "NO WE'RE THEEW AND THAT FINALLE" I said as I got my stuff grabbed Louis arm and called a cab. Little fact about me even thoug I live in a small town you should always know how to defend yourself sp I took karate. "ow" Louis said " I looked at him with the most confused looks I could give "I pinched my self to make sure I'm not dreaming" and we both let out a little chuckle "it's 100% true, I'm skylar" I said "Louis" he replied while hugging me, "*the address to onedirections flat*" Louis told the cab driver "that'll be 43 minutes please be safe in the back" the driver spoke while buckling his seat belt. 40 minutes Ughh. "skylar I don't think ill be able to far them yet" louis said "in 43 minutes you will" I said "no thts not enough time I can't face them now" he said with a hint of worry in his voice "it's okay Lou ill be there with you the whole time" I said with a smile as I looked out the window. *at the flat* I must of fell asleep because louisnwas shaking me to get up, as everyone knows (not really but lets pretend) that when you wake up and you don't get to fully sleep you get very cranky so I got up and left the cab. Louis payed for the ride and quickly caught up to me and opened the door I walked in and heard "loouuiiis.. Nd some other girl" by like idk 4 5 guys then I heard "who the ell is this prostitute and wht the hell is she doing here with you , are you cheating on me" dfrom a girl i guess my crankiness took over cuzni said " fuck you you bitch im no fucking prostitute in with him cuz you went and cheated on him with his best friend you whore, u couldn't tame your self to one man now could you" everyone gave me shocked favela except a curly haired boy and the girl even Louis was shocked at my remark "hi I'm skylar" I said with a gental voie to everyone else and giving the a wave. " speachless now huh" I said to her an walked to the couch ad collapsed on it just as I closed my eyes she started to yell at me " WHAT THE HELL ARE YIU TALKING ABOUT I DIDN'T CHEAT ON MY BF AND IF I DID HOW THE HELL WOU YOU KNOW" I hit up slightly irrated and mostly excited to say wht I wanted to say "oh , me , I didn't know that was until you bf" I sai with a smart attitude and pointed at Louis "saw you to in a make out session in a corner at Starbucks" everything was silent for a moment until "hi I'm liam, Liam Payne jice to meet you" I'm guessing Liam, Liam payne, interupted i. All one by one they introduced them selfs. Then when I turned around an looked at louisnhe was just in a death stare with Harry I swear if looks could kill he'd be choked to death on the floor cut up into millions of piece. "Louis" I said "HOW COULD YOU HARRY YOU KNEW I WAS DATING HER YOU KNEW I WAS HER BIYFRIEND" louisnshouted at Harry you could tell harry was getting mad at Louis "you sure weren't a good bf" Harry replied (also please no hate ik this isn't how they act in real life is jus to art of the fabric I really hate to write bad about them ) they started fighting while now maybe 10 minutes the Eleanor joined them and theyve been fighting for maybe 30 minutes now "I'll go and try to break it up" Zayn said while getting up "no mono no trust me leave them" I said he gave me a look then sat back down "umm well I'm ginna call dani" Liam said while putting his phone to his ear
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