On the steps

Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction


3. I'm skylar

"hello" "hey dani um could you come" "we got an issue" "with eleanor and louis... And Harry" "We all don't like her well most of us" "plleeaassee" "okay thank you I love you see you soon" Liam said once Danielle answered the phone call "shes coming" Liam said with a smile "who's da-" "SHE CAME TO ME" I started to say but got interupted by the fighting I the kitchen "she's his girl frie- "YOU SHOULD OF DENIED HER" Zayn said and also got interrupted "tell me again why Zayn can't try and stop the fight" Niall asked while plopping some chips in his mouth "yes can we please just let Zayn go he can probably stop them" Liam said over the yelling "NO" I also yelled ontop of the yelling "TRUST ME" just at that moment the door bell rang u got up and opened the door to see a gorgeous girl standing in front of me "hi umm not to be rude but who are you?" she asked in the most kindest tone of voice "I'm skylar, it's a long story come in and I'll explain" I said while escorting her in and closing the door behind her. We walked to war the couch and dani went and cuddled up to Liam "hi I'm dani" she said "now can you guys tell me whts going on?" she asked "we all don't know whts going on but skylar" Zayn said. Next thing I know I had 4 pairs of eyes on me "okay let's start form scratch, I'm skylar jayleen Bluhm in 3 days I graduate from college I turned 20 years old this year I went to and abandoned area in the small town I found your friend crying on some steps he fell asleep on me, sometime between tht my boyf-- err my ex-boyfriend came and visited me Louis woke up and we left the cab drive was 43 minutes long so I fell asleep louis woke me up and I came really cranky now they are all fighting because they are trying to explain themselves or are fight at each other for cheatin on louis" I said all out of breath. All there mouths we're open except for Niall who was chewin chips "YOU CAN HAVE HER IF YOU WANT HER THAT BADLY" was the loudest yell of them all "I thin there almost done" I said as I stood up to take a peek in the kitchen Eleanor was right in the middle of them but was slightly of to the side so that louisnand Harry could make eye contact. Harry and Louis were just mad but Eleanor was just in tears "I DON'T WANT HER NOT AFTER KNOWUNG YOU WENT TO BED WITH HER" Louis yelled with that I think Eleanor got a new patch of tears I closed the door, sat on the couch and told them what I saw. After a strange silence Eleanor runs out the kitchen outside and starts her car, everyone.. Including me had confused faces "WHY DONT YOU HO AFTER YOU LITTLE F--- BUDDY" louis yelled at Harry "I WILL MAYBE WE CAN MAKEA RECORD 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW" Harry yelled and left the kitchen to his room and slamming the door really loudly "what was that about" I mouthed to all of them " I don't know we saw wht you saw" dani replied we sat there in awkward silence for a few seconds until everyone was whispering for me to go and talk to Louis "what no" I whispered "yes go" Liam said "no you, you know him better" I argued "but you can make him calm so easily" Liam replied we started to argue for a while but then I lost and got up and opened the door slightly "hey Lou" I said gentally and quiet he let out a small groan and said "go away" I thought of copying our conversation at the steps "I like-" I cleared my throught "I like helping people who are sad" and took out a tissue " don't cry and talk to me about it" Louis gave me a slight smile, I let out a laugh no not because wht he did was funny but because laughin was the signal for them to eaves drop. Louis took the tissue an wipe his eyes "your smart you know that" Louis said while string up to wash his face "can I be rewarded by a story" I replied smartly " once upon a time there lived a frog-" Louis started to say "no I mean wht happened in here" I interupted "nothing" he said glumly "Louis I know for a fact yelling" I quickly stopped my self from saying all the things he yelled and quickly replaced it with " realllyyy loud and a girl run out crying nd Harry slamming his door isn't nothing" he let out a little sigh "it really is nothing you heard most of it" he said " wht did I miss" I asked while coming closer to him " well-" he let out a little grunt " why can't I just say it" he said frustratedly "just blurt it out" I said thinking of something to say "they had sex" Louis sayed really fast but I understood it "what" I yelled "you heard me please don't make me repeat it" "they had- but- why wht is wrong with them" I said looking for wht to say, I hear a little coug fro out side the kitchen that was the sign to asks him the question "will you ever forgive him, I mean Harry?" Louis let out a sigh " idk I might that is if he apologizes" he said. Yes there's hope " hey wht time is it" I asked while letting out a little yawn "10:38pm" louis said while looking at his phone "omg I should get going home" I said while getting of the chair "wait, no can you please stay" Louis said while holding my wrist "I can't I must really get home" I said even though I really want to stay "please you make things less awkward plleeaassee" he said with the most cutest puppy dog face ever "oh alright but take me to my room so I can sleep" I said. Louis took my arm and passed everyone in the living room. All there expressions where like yes all happy of the news they just heard. Louis led me to a room with clothes everywhere stuff all on the ground and the bed made sloppily but I didn't care I just wanted to sleep I jumped in the bed and fell asleep I heard Louis mumble good night and closed the door when he left.
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